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The Practce of Four Gates

Four Gates Dim Mark

Dim Mak or Dian Xue

Flower Set

Shaolin Flower Sets

Four Gates

Cross Roads at Four Gates

Shalin Five Animals

The Meaning of Classical Five Animals in Shaolin Kungfu
The Animal Forms in Different Kungfu Styles and Sets
Other Kungfu Animals
Shaolin Five Animals -- Overview


Stances -- the Foundation of Kungfu

Wudang Cotton Palm

Wudang Cotton Palm


Video Shows in Russia -- Overview
Travels in Russia -- Overview

Scandinavian Countries

Travels in Scandinv=avian Countries -- Overview


Travels in Spain -- Overview
Video Shows in Spain -- Overview

National Museum Spain 2018

Ciudad Encantada and the Ancient Town of Cuenca 2018


Travels in Switzerland -- Overview (Overview)
Travels in Switzerland -- Overview (Travels)
Travels in Switzerland -- Overview (Video Shows)


Video Shows in Taiwan -- Overview


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