Combat application Combat application Combat application Combat application
Combat application Combat application Combat application Combat application

Here is a series of quizzes to test and help you to revise your understanding of combat principles. Series 1 refers to the review webpage on Combat Sequence 1, Series 2 refers to the review webpage on Combat Sequence 2, and so on. Consult the respective webpages if needed.

Those attending the Special Shaolin Kungfu Course (by invitation only) should complete the quizzes successfully as part of their preparation.

Go to the answers (assessable from a link found at the bottom of the page) only when you are quite sure the ones given by you are correct. In other words, check the answers not for curiosity but for confirmation.

Quiz Series 2

  1. At the initial stage of our combat training, techniques are purposely reduced to a bare minimum. What is this purpose?

  2. In Combat Sequence 1, there is only one mode of attack — “Black Tiger Steals Heart”. And there is only one mode of defence — “Single Tiger Emerges from Cave”. In the second Combat Sequence, the attacker may, or may not, change his attacking mode to “What snake Shoots Venom”. What two important skills are practiced here?

  3. Suppose your attacker executes a top attack but you think it is a middle attack and therefore respond incorrectly. But instead of being frozen there, as many untrained persons would do, you quickly lower your hand to neutralize the middle attack. What particular skill is involved here?

  4. Let us imagine a scenario. You and a friend start practicing sparring. At first both of you make many wrong responses to your opponents' attacks. After six months your friend still makes the same mistakes. But you don't. You can respond correctly most of the time. The few times when you make wrong responses, you can correct yourself immediately. Presuming all other factors were equal, there is one factor that is different. How would you describe this one factor in two words”

  5. This question helps you to revise the skills learnt in Combat Sequence 1. Suppose you have a friend who is an excellent computer designer. Despite his searching, he is still jobless, while other computer designers who are less proficient than him have well-paying jobs. Your friend blames his luck or lack of it. But you know better. Basing on the combat principles you have learnt in Combat Sequence 1, what two skills you would say your friend lacks?

Kungfu Terms in Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)

Combat training = toui chak; dui zhe.
Combat sequence = wooi hap; hui he.
Attack = kung khaik; gong ji.
Defence = fong sau; fang shou.
Principle = yun lei; yuan li.

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