Combat application Combat application Combat application Combat application
Combat application Combat application Combat application Combat application

Here is a series of quizzes to test and help you to revise your understanding of combat principles. Series 1 refers to the review webpage on Combat Sequence 1, Series 2 refers to the review webpage on Combat Sequence 2, and so on. Consult the respective webpages if needed.

Those attending the Special Shaolin Kungfu Course (by invitation only) should complete the quizzes successfully as part of their preparation.

Go to the answers (assessable from a link found at the bottom of the page) only when you are quite sure the ones given by you are correct. In other words, check the answers not for curiosity but for confirmation.

Combat Quiz Series 3

  1. What do you think is the biggest misconception most martial art practitioners have regarding free sparring?

  2. In Combat Sequence 1, the responder has only one choice (which is no choice) in his response. In Combat Sequence 2, he has two choices,; and in Combat Sequence 3, he has three choices. A very important principle of skill (or force) development is involved in this methodical approach. What is this principle?

  3. A master shows you some useful techniques. But this is not enough. You have to develop the necessary skills to apply the techniques effectively. Use three words to describe what you should do to have the necessary skills.

  4. In Combat Sequence 3, two new skills are introduced. One is a development from right spacing, the other involves opening or closing the opponent's gate, and both manifest the extremely important principle of “safety first”. What are these two skills.

  5. In the previous two combat sequences, first you defend then you counter-attack. In this third combat sequence, a new and advanced tactic is introduced regarding defence and attack. What is it?

Kungfu Terms in Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)

Free sparring = san ta; san da.
Principle = yun lei, yuan li.
Safety first = on chun tai yeit; an quan di yi.
Skills or force = kung. Gong.
Techniques = fatt; fa.
Tactics = sam tak; xin de.

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