Sifu Chris and Sifu Anton in Wuzuquan combat application

The Wuzuquan videos and lessons in this programme are for non-Shaolin Wahnam members. Of course, Shaolin Wahnam members can view them for comparison.

I learned Wuzuquan from a very famous master, Sifu Chee Kim Thong, who was known as "The Living Treasure of the Peoples' Republic of China". His school was well known for internal force.

What I remember most vividly was my siheng (or elder kungfu brother) who taught on behalf of his father telling me "Mg meng yong lak" which means "Don't use strength", signifying the great importance of being relaxed in internal force development. I trained San Zhan, the most fundamental set of Wuzuquan, for more than 2 years.

But I did not develop internal force in 2 years; I believed it would have taken more than 10 years to do so. However, I had a taste of internal force with my sihengs, who had trained for many years. Once I knocked arms with a siheng and my arms became swollen. I knew I had strong arms compared to ordinary people. When I trained with Uncle Righteousness earlier I hit a wood dummy every night. It was heartening to know that when I conducted a Special Wuzuquan Course for a few days in 2012, every course participant could develop internal force using San Zhan.

It is very important to be relaxed when practicing from the lessons. It is also very important to practice, not just learn from the videos. If you spend just half an hour to an hour daily, in one year you should be able to use your Wuzuquan for combat. More importantly, you will have good health, vitality, longevity, mental clarity and be peaceful and happy every day.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
11th April 2018

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      1. Stance Training in Wuzuquan
      2. San Zhan of Wuzuquan or Three Battles of Five-Ancestor Kngfu
      3. Kneading Hands or Testing of San Zhan of Wuzuquan
      4. Flick Hand and Thrust Punch of Wuzuquan
      5. Rotation of the Waist and Countering with Thrust Punch
      6. Hand Sweep and Organ-Seeking Kick in Wuzuquan
      7. Hand Sweep According to Movement of Sweeping Kick
      8. Avoiding Leverage Advantage against Felling Techniques
      9. Circular Hands against Grips in Wuzuquan



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