Combat sequences of Yellow-Bee Sucks Pollens

White Crane Flaps Wings against White Crane Flaps Wings

The main instructional material for our combat training in Wahnam Taijiquan is the Basic 12 Wahnam Taijiquan Combat Sequences, which are formalized into the following four combat-application sets:
  1. White Snake Shoots Venom
  2. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
  3. Black Bear Sinks Hips
  4. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain

These 12 combat sequences are compressed or distilled into 8 combat sequences shown here, and are formalized in the set Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens. This set incorporates a side attack, in the pattern “Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens”, not found in the basic 12 combat sequences.

Another advantage is that these 8 Wahnam Taijiquan combat sequences are structured in the same way as the 8 distilled Shaolin combat sequences formalized in the Shaolin set Single Tiger Emerges from Cave. Therefore, Taijiquan practitioners con conveniently use these 8 combat sequences of “Yellow Bee Sucks Pollen” to train sparring with Shaolin practitioners who know the 8 combat sequences of “Single Tiger Emerges from Cave”.

Combat Sequences Of “Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens”

  1. Top, Middle, Bottom
  2. Side Attack
  3. Continuous Attacks
  4. Double Kicks
  5. Whirlwind Kick
  6. Felling Attack
  7. Chopping Attack
  8. Gripping Attack

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Sequence 1: Top, Middle, Bottom

Yellow Bee Combat Sequences

This sequence deals with the top, middle and bottom levels of hand strikes, executed in the patterns “White Snake Shoots Venom“, “Fierce Dragon Across Stream“ and “Horse-Riding Low Punch”.

Sequence 2: Side Attack

Yellow Bee Combat Sequences

The side attack is “Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens”, from which the set gets its name.

Sequence 3: Continuous Attacks

Yellow Bee Combat Sequences

This sequence introduces the tactic of continuous attacks. This tactic is used by both the initiator as well as the responder.

Sequence 4: Double Kicks

Yellow Bee Combat Sequences

There are two kicks here, a thrust kick and a side kick, executed continuously. The counter is “Striking Tiger Poise” which can be used against any kicks.

Sequence 5: Whirlwind Kick

Yellow Bee Combat Sequences

The whirlwind kick is executed in the pattern “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves”. The counter is “Heavenly Priest Stamps Insignia”.

Sequence 6: Felling Attack

Yellow Bee Combat Sequences

The felling technique is executed by “Carry Tiger Back to Mountain”. The counter is “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves”.

Sequence 7: Chopping Attack

Yellow Bee Combat Sequences

What would you do if an opponent grips your hand and simultaneously chops on your head? This sequence shows how you can counter the chopping attack.

The size of the video clip is 375 KB.

Sequence 8: Gripping Attack

Yellow Bee Combat Sequences

Here your opponent not only grips your hand but also immobilizes your other hand and attacks you at the same time. How would you counter such attacks?

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Taijiquan 8 Distilled Combat Sequences from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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