Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Kungfu

Question 1

I just finished reading "The Complete Book of Shaolin". I love it! It is by far the best and most in-depth Shaolin book I have found! Thanks so much for sharing this wisdom with the world! I will continue studying and practicing meditation, chi kung, and kung fu.

— Thomas, USA


Thanks for the kind comments on my book.

I suggest that you attend my Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course from 20th to 26th December 2020. (This answer is only released now because of a long waiting list.) Many people have wondered what can be learned in a few days of the course. You can learn a lot, especially what you may not be able to learn elsewhere.

You will learn in a few days how to develop internal force and how to apply kungfu in combat. But you need to have some kungfu experience. You need to know the Shaolin 16 Combat Sequences, and most important you have to be abided by the Ten Shaolin Laws.

You can learn some Shaolin Kungfu from our instructors or from some other schools or from my book.

Alternatively you can attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course from 16th to 20th December 2020. You need not have any chi kung experience to attend the course. In the course itself, you will learn how to enter into a chi kung state of mind, and to generate an energy flow.

I would suggest that you spend a few days on your own before or after the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course or the Intensive Chi Kung Course. Malaysia is a very safe place. You can also book a room at the hotel where the course will be held with the secretary.

Question 2

"Make sure you do not breath in as you press the abdomen." Please commend on this when performing Abdominal Breathing.

— James, England


Abdominal Breathing is an advanced art. It should not be taught to beginners. Teaching Abdominal Breathing to beginners is a sure way of not understanding chi kung philosophy. It is easy for me to teach Abdominal Breathing because of my experience.

Abdominal Breathing is different from chest breathing, which is done by most people, and diaphragm breathing. In Abdominal Breathing, chi or energy goes to the "dan tian" or abdominal energy field. Air goes into the lungs in chest breathing and diaphragm breathing, as the lungs are air-tight.

Pressing the abdominal while breathing in will result in chest breathing.

Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing

Question 3

I want to know what are the various sounds in kung fu and how to make them. I want to know the part of the body that is used to make the sound and how it affects that part of the body, for example I want to know how the "her it" sound is made and how the "yaa" sound is made. I want to know the significance of making these sounds.

— Bala, India


The sounds we make in Shaolin Wahnam are different from those made in the Iron Wire set popularized by Grandmaster Lam Sai Weng, and different from the Six Healing Sounds in qigong.

In Shaolin Wahnam, which I inherited from my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, it is important to open the mouth. If the mouth is close, force may bounce back and injure internal organs.

We make the following sounds: "herit" (pronounced in one sound) when we punch out using a level fist, and the sound comes from the abdomen; "yaa" when we make a tiger-claw, and the sound comes from the lung; "shss" when we thrust out our palm or fingers, and the sound comes from the kidneys; "ho" when we punch out with a vertical fist with internal force, and the sound comes from the liver.

I had an aha experience when I performed the Iron Wire Set some time ago. I noticed that the sound "xi" form the Six Healing Sounds could be pronounced in numerous ways. "Xi" if we tensed our muscles would be very different from "xi" when we were relaxed. Hence, I discovered it was not the sound as written down but how we pronounced it that made a big difference.

Question 4

I read Sifu's answer to Steffen's question about training Tiger-Claw and One-Finger Shooting Zen.

— John, Ireland


Both "One-Finger Shooting Zen" and "Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw" are treasures.

I still remember clearly that when my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, taught me "One-Finger Shooting Zen", he said, "Both One-Finger Zen and Tiger Claw are found in One-Finger Shooting Zen. Practice it everyday."

Both "dim mark" (dotting vital points) and "qin-na" (a special way of gripping) are found in "One-Finger Shoot Zen". "Dim mark" and "qin-na" are considered the "ultimate arts" of Shaolin.

I think I was the only disciple my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, taught "Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw". Regarding tiger-claw, it is at least 3 times more powerful than other force-training methods like gripping jars and iron-balls. Moreover, it greatly contributes to health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys.

Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw

Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw

Question 5

I still want to engage with real fighters and test my kungfu when it gets good enough. My shins are pretty hard I can say with some degree of confidence. I can confidently kick a metal pole with my bare shin.


You can become a better student by practicing. "One set a day" is a good guideline. Not only you will be healthy and full of vitality at 70 and beyond, but you can roll about and fall on hard ground, and every day is joyful. You will practice not only a set a day but also other force training methods and combat sequences.

You can also look for sparring in a friendly way. Ireland does not produce as many Siamese Fighters as Thailand, but there are some good professional Boxers. Start with my 30-opponent programme. You need to build up confidence so that you will beat them. Start with masters and professional fighters.

Use your strong shins. You can give your sparring opponents a sweeping kick like in Muay Thai. If your sparring opponent bounces back, you can stretch your same leg for a side-kick. You may have to jump in for a second kick using the other leg.

Be prepared if your opponent holds your kicking leg. You can use "Elephant Stomps Tree", covering your groin as you hit his head. Or you can use a tiger-tail kick, like what you learned at the Essence of Shaolin course. If you use a tiger-tail kick, you must move your hands near enough to your opponent.

In fact, you should practice any counters your opponent would use. In this way, you will win every encounter with an opponent. You can also prepare how your opponent would fight. In the fight you just let your sequences flow. Preparation is very important when fighting masters and professional fighters.

Question 6

Last week, I was having fun skateboarding with my daughter. However, I fell off and heard two cracking sounds as I injured my leg and shoulder. I couldn't walk home, I had to limp back. Once at home I did "Rocking Feet". I repeated it a few times this week, and my injuries are already gone. When I was 17, I also injured my ankle. It took me more than 8 weeks to recover and I had many physiotherapy treatments.

— Sifu Roeland Dijkema, Shaolin Wahnam Netherlands


Our arts will serve the present as well as posterity. Even those who do not practice chi kung or kungfu will find a lot of information there. Those who practice our Shaolin Wahnam arts will find more information. I have received many emails saying that my webpages are full of secrets.

You will certainly become more healthy and full of vitality as you grow older. When you were younger, you didn't have such secrets.

The 18 Jewels, the 5-Animal Play and the 18 Lohan Hands are excellent in overcoming illness. But I feel that our best arts are the Small Universe, the 18 Lohan Art, Cosmic Shower and Cosmic Breathing, which give us good health, vitality and longevity besides combat efficiency.

The Big Universe also gives us a glimpse of Cosmic Reality, or God the infinity in Western terminology.

Rocking Feet

Rocking Feet

Question 7

I also had a great experience this morning. I was doing 300 repetitions of Pushing Mountains (for fun, I don't do many repetitions normally). After 100 Pushing Mountains, I started to breath naturally, and forgot to synchronise with the movements.

After 150, I started flowing a lot and my arm movements went quite fast and were sometimes out of form. I let it flow for the rest of the repetitions. I was wondering if you would still achieve Cosmos Palm if you trained like this.


When I practiced Cosmos Palm, I did not perform 300 repetitions. I can't remember how many repetitions I did.

You need to consolidate the flowing force into consolidated force in Cosmos Palm. Only those who have Cosmos Palm will know its secrets.

I indirectly use Cosmos Palm in my healing.

Question 8

Small Universe and Cosmic Shower are quite different. Will a master who has focused on Cosmic Shower be very different, or have very different results after twenty years of practice compared to a master who has spent a similar amount of time on The Small Universe?


Both the Small Universe and the Cosmic Shower are great arts. I don't know whether different masters would have different results after twenty years of practicing the Small Universe or the Cosmic Shower. I believe it depends on various factors.

In the past, masters would take about 10 years to complete the Small Universe. Masters would give a celebration when they attained the Small Universe.

I believe my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, sped up my progress with Reverse Breathing by letting my energy flow up my governing meridian. I took about 2.5 years, which was considered very fast. It is incredible that you take only a few days. But you must have energy at your "dan tian", which you already have.

There is a saying that "if you have attained the Small Universe, all illness will disappear" (which means you will be healthy.) We can upgrade the saying to "if you have attained the Small Universe, you will live beyond a hundred years".

I initiated Cosmic Shower when I read a classic called "Opening of the Five Golden Flowers". The training period takes about 20 years. A Taoist practitioner sits in meditation and develops his energy at his "dan tian". Then he leads the energy to his "baihui" at the crown of his head. Meanwhile he infuses his consciousness into his energy. When his "baihui" opens -- the Opening of the Five Golden Flowers -- he roams the heaven as an immortal.

I opened my "baihui" and let energy flow down. It was a wonderful feeling. At first I called it Golden Shower, but Ricarrdo of Portugal told me that golden shower might have a bad connotation. So I changed it to Cosmic Shower. Later, I found that besides cleansing, I could also nourish.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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