Shaolin Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Emiko demonstrating a combat sequence to a class

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The Basics

  1. Stance Training
  2. Flexibility and Footwork
  3. Hand Forms
  4. Explode Force and Safety First

From Solo Pattern to Sequence Sparring

  1. Basic Patterns
  2. Spacing and Timing
  3. Covering Opponent Adequately
  4. Moving In
  5. Sequence Sparring

Applying Shaolin Skills and Techniques for Combat

  1. Handling Various Hand Attacks
  2. Applying Variations
  3. Pressing Attacks
  4. Double Kicks
  5. Variations of Shaolin Combat Sequences
  6. Felling Attacks
  7. Whirlwind Kick
  8. Sequence Sparring

Experiencing the Wonderful Benefits of Shaolin Trainingt

  1. Sequence 4 -- Chin-Na
  2. Gentle and Graceful
  3. Don't Use Strength!
  4. A Touch of Zen
  5. Taming Tiger
  6. Use Footwork to Neutralize Chin-Na
  7. Move Stance Change Step
  8. Solo Performance of Abridged Combat Sequences
  9. From Pre-Arranged to Free Sparring

Shaolin Four Abridged Combat Sequences

  1. Combat Application of Four Sequences
  2. Solo Performance of Four Sequences

Zen in Shaolin Kungfu

  1. Importance of Being Relaxed
  2. Rotation of Waist
  3. Wu-Nian or Non-Thought

Shaolin Kungfu

Combat application of Shaolin Kungfu

You can also view all the videos above in more details here


Shaolin 16 Basic Combat Sequences
Shaolin 8 Distilled Combat Sequences
Shaolin 4 Abridged Combat Sequences
Shaolin Kungfu against Other Martial Arts

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