Shaolin Tantui

Irrespective of what your opponent does, you rain your powerful arms on him using the formidable "Three Rings Around the Moon"

Imagine you are holding two powerful iron rods. When an opponent punches or kicks or attacks you in any way, you simply strike your iron rods on his attacking arm, leg or any part of his attacking body. You adjust your body-movement or footwork while striking so that you avoid his attacks and strike him at the same time.

If your opponent does not attack you, you still strike him with your powerful iron rods. If he tries to block, you strike his blocking arm. If he tries to avoid by stepping back or side-stepping, you follow accordingly and strike him continuously. If he tries to run away you chase after him with your striking.

To accomplish this continuous striking, cum defending if needed, you swing your two powerful iron rods systematically and rhythmically in series of three, such as left-right-right, left-left-right, right-left-left, right-right-left, left-right-left, etc. And you continue the series after series. Such a combat technique, tactic or strategy is very formidable.

Instead of holding iron rods, you can use your arms instead. Of course, you arms need to be powerful. Yet, this technique of continuous swinging arm attacks cum defence does not depend on brutal strength. If you are skillful you can effectively deflect an opponent's attack and simultaneously cause him much injury even when he is bigger and physically stronger than you. This formidable technique, tactic or strategy — the terming of which depends on how you use it -- is called “Three Rings Around the Moon”.

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tantui Three Rings Around the Moon

The pattern “Chop the Hua Mountain” is part of a series called “Three Rings Around the Moon”, which is a formidable attack-cum-defence technique or tactic. When it is used individually it is referred to as a technique, but when it is used continuously in a series it is referred to as a tactic. Imagine you are holding two iron rods and swinging them at your opponent irrespective of whether he is attacking or defending. Your two powerful arms are the iron rods.

tantui The Formidable Swinging Arms

Avoid the initial attack of your opponent, then swing your powerful arms continuously and methodically at him using the pattern "Three Rings Around the Moon".

tantui Chasing After Opponent and Continuously Hitting Him

Here is the attack on your opponent. Continuously and methodically swing your powerful arms at your opponent using the pattern "Three Rings Around the Moon".

tantui No Way to Escape — it Appears

Continue the devastating attacks of "Three Rings Around the Moon". Irrespective of how the opponent reacts, swing your powerful arms on him. If he attacks, strike his attacking arms or legs. If he retreats, chase after him and continuously hit him. It appears the opponent has no way to escape.

tantui Swinging Iron Rods at Opponents

This tactic is very effective against other styles of martial arts. When a Boxer, Kick-Boxer, Karateka, Taekwondo exponent, Wrestler or Muay Thai fighter moves in to attack you, almost irrespective of what technique he uses, strike his arms, legs and other parts of his body with your powerful swinging arms as if they were two powerful iron rods.

tantui Continuous Series of Three Swinging Arms

The class performs the "Three Rings Around the Moon" tactic. It is called "Three Rings" because the two arms swing down like powerful iron bars in three continuous loops. The order of swinging the left and the right arms is not fixed, but it must be rhythmic, smooth and continuous. Series of three swings -- which can be left-right-left, left-right-right, right-right-left, right-left-left, etc -- follow endlessly one after another.

tantui Releasing an Opponent's Grip

If your opponent holds your arm, you can readily release the grip by the circular movement of a swing, followed immediately with striking him relentless. You would also have to adjust your footwork. Sometimes you may move back slightly before advancing.

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Formidable Three Rings Around the Moon in Tantui Sequence 3 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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