Shaolin Tantui

Tantui Combat Application

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  1. Tantui against Boxing and Kick-Boxing
  2. Technical Advantages of Shaolin Kungfu
  3. The Wonders of Tantui Sequence 1
  4. Making Kungfu Alive
  5. Two Combat Sequences to Handle Most Ordinary Opponents
  6. A Counter against Any Kicks
  7. Formidable Three Rings Around the Moon
  8. Penetrating the Impenetrable
  9. Countering Elbow and Knee Strikes from Muay Thai Fighters
  10. The Fascinating Combat Applications of Tantui in Striking, Kicking, Felling and Gripping
  11. Spotting Secrets Hidden in the Open
  12. Helping One Another and Having Fun in Sparring
  13. Laying Foundation Before Training Combat
  14. From Form to Flow to Force
  15. Four Combat Application Sets
  16. Profundity of 12 Combat Sequences


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