Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear

An ingenious way to stop the chopping attack of a heavier weapon

The Chinese sword is different from a Samurai sword or a Western sword. The Chinese sword is light and dainty, whereas the other swords are heavy. The applications, therefore, are also different.

The Samurai sword is sometimes described as a long, heavy razor blade. It is mighty and deadly. A powerful chop with the Samurai sword could break through armour, and therefore easily break a light blocking weapon. How would you then defend against a mighty Samurai sword with a dainty Chinese sword?

The video clips below show the application of the Chinese sword against the Samurai sword demonstrated by Andre. Andre has spent many years studying and practicing the Samurai sword. All the movements are impromptu.

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“Shaolin Golden Beam Supports Sea

Normally a swordsman would point his sword at his opponent, but in this case the sword is pointed away to make it easier for Andre to attack. Andre attacks with a ferocious chop. How would you stop a heavy Samurai sword chopping down at you?

You can respond with ”Golden Bean Supports Sea”. No, you don't block the Samurai sword. Doing so will break the dainty Chinese sword into pieces. You “support” the opponent's chopping hands. Andre has to stop his attack or else his hands would be cut by his own action!

“Shaolin Reverse Striking of Purple Bell

What would you do when a ferocious Samurai sword is coming at your waist? Blocking it is an indication that the practitioner does not know how to use a sword properly. An effective counter is to let the Samurai sword pass, then following its momentum slices up at the opponent's hand, arm or body using the pattern “Reverse Striking of Purple Bell”.

Andre avoids the slice and attempts to move forward with another attack, but has to stop because he suddenly finds the Chinese sword pointing at his body. Andre couldn't help laughing, finding that he has been well maneuvered, drawing more laughter from the crowd.

“Shaolin Moving like a Traveling Dragon

Andre makes a number of attacks but each one is frustrated. The exponent with his sword moves like a traveling dragon. The sword becomes not a separate weapon but a part of him.

Notice also the tassel at the handle of the sword. Wrist movement is very important in using a sword. If the movement is incorrect, the tassel will entangle the wrist.

“Shaolin Swirling Movements of the Dragon

Slicing is an important technique of the sword. The swirling movements of a traveling dragon offer good opportunities for slicing techniques. The swordsman is having a lot of fun swirling about, slicing his opponent along the way.

Andre, despite being quite helpless against the slicing attacks, is amused too, and so are the spectators.

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Dainty Chinese Sword against Mighty Samurai Sword from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

You can also view all the videos here

We wish to thank Sifu Emiko Hsuen and Sifu Michael Chow for providing these video clips

The Amazing Combat Application of the Traveling Dragon Sword