Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear

A flowing sword and a ferocious saber

Many people confuse the sword with the saber. In kungfu weaponry they are very different. The sword, called “jian” in Chinese, is double edged and is light and dainty. The saber, called “dao”, is single-edged and is heavy and forceful.

The saber can be very fast and forceful, and is often likened to a ferocious tiger. The sword is like a traveling dragon. Their techniques are very different. Using a sword like a saber, which is not uncommon in many kungfu movies, is a sure indication that the performer does not know the combat application of the sword.

Combat between a saber and a sword is interesting and illuminating. One is forceful and fast, like an invincible warrior who walks over any opponents. The other is flowing and elegant, like a wandering kungfu-knight flowing through life care-freely and enjoying it.

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“Shaolin Using the Sword like a Traveling Dragon

A sword is like a phoenix, but in our school it is like a traveling dragon. The saber opponent comes in fiercely with his saber like a ferocious tiger, but the swordsman controls the saber and then slices at opponent's arm to disarm him.

“Shaolin Flowing with the Opponent's Movements

A sword should not be used to clash against an attacking saber. It should be used to control and slice the opponent. Notice the flowing movement of the sword. Mental clarity and agility are pre-requisites to apply these techniques effectively.

“Shaolin Agile Wrist-Movement Crucial for Control

The saber opponent is not only ferocious with his saber, he is also very skillful. He is an international champion in weapons. Yet, the swordsman demonstrates masterful control of the situations. Agile wrist-movement, besides flowing body-movement, is crucial in such control.

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Sword against Sabre -- Traveling Dragon against Ferocious Tiger from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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We wish to thank Sifu Emiko Hsuen and Sifu Michael Chow for providing these video clips

The Amazing Combat Application of the Traveling Dragon Sword