Essence of Shaolin Questions, Essence Spiritual Cultivation, Five-Animal Play, Flower Set

Flower Set in Switzerland 2012

Flower Set in Switzerland 2012

Single-Leg Flying Crnae Essence of Shaolin Questions

Hiding Secrets in the Open
Uncle Righteousness and Essence of Shaolin
Criteria in Learning the Greatest Art
Benefits of Practicing Essence of Shaolin
Every One of the 108 Patterns in Essence of
Shaolin is a Signature or Special Pattern

Applying Shaolin Kungfu in a Marvelous Way
Essence of Shaolin for Chosen Successor or
Deserving Students

Essence of Shaolin -- Modification, Specialization,
Development, Spirit, Internal Force and Special Skills

What is the Essence of Shaolin?
Which is More Advantageous -- Using a Simple Technique
or a Complex Technique?

Benefits over the Years from Learning the Essence of Shaolin Set
10 Questions on Essence of Shaolin -- Overview

Essence Spiritual Cultivation

Essence of Spiritual Cultivation -- Overview
Spiritual Cultivation, Moral Education and Religious Development
Benefits and Stages of Spiritual Cultivation
The Marvelous Benefits of Chi Flow in Spiritual Cultivation
Tests and Difficulties Grandmaster Underwent in his Spiritual Growth
Two Different Types of Art
Striving to Reach One's Potential in Life
Essence of Spiritual Cultivation
Seeking Guidance from Past Masters
Heaven and Helll as Reward and Punishment
The Most Cost-Effective and Easiest Way to Attain Spiritual Fulfillment

Five-Animal Play

The Bear of Five-Animal Play
The Bird of Five-Animal Play
Five-Animal Play
Huo Tuo's Five-Animal Play
The Deer of Five-Animal Play
The Monkey of Five-Animal Play
Questions on Hua Tuo's Five-Animal Play -- Overview
Yin Organs and Yang Organs in Five-Animal Play
Five-Animal Play and our Chi Flow
Five-Animal Play, Monkey Kungfu and Sinew Metamorphosis

Soft Chi Kung Is there any Relationship between Five-Animal
Play and our Chi Flow?

Various Kungfu Styles in our School
Comparison between Five-Animal Play and
Self-Manifested Chi Movement in Overcoming Illness

Hua Tuo's Five-Animal Play and World Medicine
A Study of Five-Animal Play and Self-Manifested
Chi Movement

Five-Animal Play and Other Chi Kung Arts in our School
Additional Benefits of Five-Animal Play
Is Five-Animal Play a Technique or a Skill?
The Tiger of Five-Animal Play

Flower Set Switzerland

Against Hooks
Angry Bull Charges at Fence
Keeping Boxers at Bay
Avoid Kicks
Beware of Kicks
Big Boss Offers Wine
Break Fall
Class Practice
Close and Strike
Closing an Opponent Adequately

Consolidating Force
Deflecting, Not Blocking
Continouous Double Jump
Double Worshiping of the Buddha
Felling a Boxer
Felling Techniques
Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
Flow and Force
Flowing Energy
Flowing Force (1)

Flower Set Flowing Force (2)
Force Training and Waist Rotation
Secrets of the Flower Set (2)
Secrets of the Flower Set
Secrets of the Flowerr Set
Force Training of Flower Set 2012
Combat Sequences of Flower Set
Flowing Force and Consolidated Force of Flower Set
Flower Set Combat Sequence 1
Flower Set Combat Sequence 2

Flower Set Combat Sequence 3
Flower Set Combat Sequence 4
Flower Set against Boxing and Kick-Boxing
Feiing Techniques of Flower Set
Flower Set against Shoot
The Unbendable Arm
Golden Leopard Enters Rock (1)
Golden Leopard Enters Rock (2)
Hang a Golden Star
Jabs and Crosses

Lift Pot Offers Wine (1)
Lift Pot Offers Wine (2)
On Ground Strike Tiger
Opening Doors (1)
Opening Doors (2)
Videos of Flower Set Course 2012 -- Overview
Reverse Chin-Na
Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger
Shaolin Greeting
Shifting Steps

Flower Set Strike Kicking Leg
Sweeping Kick
Swimming Dragon (1)
Swimming Dragon (2)
Upper Cuts
Videos 1-10 of Flower Set Course 2010
Videos 11-20 of Flower Set Course 2010
Videos 21-30 of Flower Set Course 2010
Videos 31-40 of Flower Set Course 2010


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