Part 9 -- Move Stance Change Step

Shaolin combat sequences

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates an example of how a Judo cum Wrestling master attempted to throw his teacher, Grandmaster Ho. Then he showes how Grandmaster Ho walked away from the attempted attack by applying “Move Stance Change Step”. Please click on the picture to view video.

An Interesting Story on Move Stance Change Step

Some Shaolin Wahnam members already know this interesting story. Grandmaster Wong retold it at the Introductory Shaolin Kungfu Course in Japan in December 2007.

In the old days Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam, who was Grandmaster Wong's teacher, was asked a favour by a manager-friend to supervise workers of a Japanese-owned iron mine in Kelantan, a state in Peninsula Malaysia bordering Thailand. The workers were Muay Thai fighters who would intimate their supervisor whenever he asked them to work. But since Grandmaster Ho took over, there were no more workers' problems as Grandmaster Ho could handle these Muay Thai fighters playfully.

This news was spread to a Judo master in Japan, who was also an international Wrestling champion. He specially flew in from Japan to test Grandmaster Ho. He placed his hand over Grandmaster Ho's shoulder as they walked back from the mine to the office, and attempted to throw Grandmaster Ho many times.

Grandmaster Wong commented that his teacher could easily elbow the Judo cum Wrestling master. “Yon don't do that to an honorable guest who flew in from Japan to see you, don't you?” Grandmaster Ho said smilingly.

“Then, Sifu, what did you do?” Grandmaster Wong asked politely. “Simple. Move stance, change step,” Grandmaster Ho advised.

This simple yet profound principle has proved to be extremely useful. Years later when Grandmaster Wong went round to look for black-belts to test his combat efficiency, he successfully used this principle to neutralize or counter every throw attempted at him.

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Move Stance Change Step from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


We would like to express our thanks to Sifu Emiko Hsuen and Sifu Yumi Honjo from Shaolin Wahnam Japan for recording these videos


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