Part 8 -- Importance of Waist Rotation

Shaolin combat sequences

By rotating his waist, Grandmaster Wong seems to release Sifu Wong Chun Nga's grip effortlessly

The expression, “movement comes from the waist”, is often heard in Taijiquan. But it is not just in Taijiquan that waist movement is important; it is in all styles of kungfu. It is much emphasized in Taijiquan because this waist-rotation principle contributes much to enabling a practitioner to use minimum force against maximum strength.

Many Taijiquan practitioners fail to understand this important principle. Hence, not only they are unable to use minimum force against maximum strength, their movements become awkward and they may tense their muscles in their Taijiquan movements resulting in energy blockage. The video here showing waist-rotation may help them to overcome their problems.

In the Abridged Shaolin Combat Sequence 4 when executing the pattern “White Horse Returns Head” against an opponent's chin-na on your wrist, rotating the waist facilitates not only the three external harmonies of feet, body and hands, but also the smooth of internal force from the dan tian to the hand. The grips of both Sifu Wong Chun Nga and Sifu Emiko are powerful as both have a lot of internal force, yet by a skillful rotation of his waist, Grandmaster Wong seems to release their grips effortlessly.

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Importance of Waist Rotation from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


We would like to express our thanks to Sifu Emiko Hsuen and Sifu Yumi Honjo from Shaolin Wahnam Japan for recording these videos


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