Part 4 -- Experiencing the Wonderful Benefits of Shaolin Training

Shaolin combat sequences

Course participants directly experience the difference between using muscular strength and internal force in releasing an opponent's grip

Joy is a salient feature in our training, which was evident from the frequent laughter heard in our class.

While we are very pleased that we can apply kungfu patterns for sparring, we are more pleased that we are able to spar for a few hours without feeling fatigued or panting for breath. Translated into daily living, it means we have mental clarity and abundant energy to enjoy our work and play.

But we are most happy that our kungfu training is a process of spiritual cultivation. At the basic level, we are relaxed and peaceful, even when sparring. We help our sparring partners and enjoy our practice. At higher levels, we have a glimpse of Cosmic Reality. In this course, as shown in some of the video clips here, participants had a touch of Zen.

This is the fourth part, and is divided into the following sections:

      1. Chin-Na
      2. Gentle and Graceful
      3. Don't Use Strength!
      4. A Touch of Zen
      5. Taming the Tiger
      6. Use Footwork to Neutralize Chin-Na
      7. Solo Performance
      8. From Pre-Arranged to Free Sparring

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The Four Parts of the series, Crystallization of the Past Masters, are as follows:

  1. The Basics as Trained by Past Masters
  2. From Solo Patterns to Sequence Sparring
  3. Applying Shaolin Skills and Techniques for Combat
  4. Experiencing the Wonderful Benefits of Shaolin Training

We would like to express our thanks to Sifu Emiko Hsuen and Sifu Yumi Honjo from Shaolin Wahnam Japan for recording these videos


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