Fifty Sequences of Eagle Claw Kungfu - Part 2


Eagle Claw Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating Turn Sleeves of Eagle Claw Sequence 15

In appreciation for some kungfu skills Grandmaster Wong shared with him, Sifu Yeong Khuen Chi, who is in the direct lineage of Sifu Chen Tzi Ching and is the Chief Instructor of Georgetown Chin Woo Association in Penang, shared the secrets of Eagle Claw Fifty Sequences with Grandmaster Wong in the 1970s. Sifu Yeong Khuen Chi is the sidai (junior classmate) of Grandmaster Wong in Uncle Righteousness' lineage. In fact, Sifu Yeong Khuen Chi is Uncle Righteousness' nephew.

The 50 Sequences of Eagle Claw in solo practice are presented here. Because of the secret nature of Eagle Claw combat application, the corresponding 50 Combat Sequences of Eagle Claw will be made available only to course participants. But to show that Eagle Claw application goes much deeper than what it appears at the surface, some combat applications are revealed.

Sequences 11 - 20 of Eagle Claw Kungfu in Solo Performance

The names of the sequences in Cantonese pronunciation and English translation are as follows:

  1. Kou Thiew Thai Nget - High Lift Low Press
  2. Soon Pou Khuen - Follow Through Punches
  3. Thui Pou Thun Ta - Retreat Step Continuous Strikes
  4. Khow Jow Thun Ta - Strike Elbow Continuous Strikes
  5. Khong Chow - Turn Sleeves
  6. Leat Khuen - Slip Fist
  7. Swun Foong Sou Yip - Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves
  8. Thiew Sau Liew Yam - Hook Hand Seek Organ
  9. Thun Ta - Continuous Strikes
  10. Khow Ta - Horizontal Strike

NOTE: You can download the video clip onto your own computer and view them at your leisure. Place your computer pointer at the picture or one of the links, and right click. Choose “Save Target As”. Select the directory or sub-directory where you wish to keep the video clip. Click “Save”.

Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw
Seq 11. High Lift Low Press Seq 11. Slow Motion Seq 12. Follow Through Punches Seq 12. Slow Motion
Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw
Seq 13. Retreat Step Seq 13. Slow Motion Seq 14. Strike Elbow Seq 14. Slow Motion
Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw
Seq 15. Turn Sleeves Seq 15. Slow Motion Seq 16. Slip Fist Seq 16. Slow Motion
Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw
Seq 17. Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves Seq 17. Slow Motion Seq 18. Seek Organ Seq 18. Slow Motion
Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw
Seq 19. Continuous Strikes Seq 19. Slow Motion Seq 20. Horizontal Strike Seq 20. Slow Motion

You can view all the 10 sequences in this video by clicking the picture below, or at Vimeo by clicking the caption.

Eagle Claw Sequences 11 to 20 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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