Old Eagle Catches Snake

Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Roland in Taijiquan sparring

"Old Eagle Catches Snake" is a comprehensive Taijiquan set created by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit to enable students to learn Taijiquan within a relatively short time. It incorporates the two pillars of any kungfu training, namely internal force and combat efficiency. Those used to Taiji dance may not recognize it as Taijiquan.

The set is composed of 4 combat sequences, which are distilled from 8 sequences abridged from 12 basic Taijiquan sequences. Each of the 4 combat sequences focuses on the four categories of attack, namely striking, kicking, felling and chin-na.

Fundamentals of Combat Training

  1. The Gist of Taijiquan Mechanics
  2. Essence of Taijiquan Movements -- Grasping Sparrow's Tail
  3. The Marvelous Cloud Hands of Taijiquan
  4. Top, Middle, and Bottom Hand Strikes of Taijiquan Combat
  5. Employing Form-Force-Flow to Fa-Jing or Explode Force
  6. Right Spacing and Right Timing in Taijiquan Combat
  7. Safety in Attack and Three Classes of Response

The Four Hand Strikes

  1. White Snake and Fierce Dragon of Taijiquan
  2. Sun Enters Lotus of Taijiquan
  3. Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens of Taijiquan
  4. Techniques, Tactics and Skills in Taijiquan Combat
  5. Deepening Skills and Applying Tactics in Taijiquan Combat
  6. Of Vastly Different Skill Levels in Taijiquan Combat
  7. Gender and Size are Not Crucial in Taijiquan

Kicks and Throws

  1. A Good Tactic to Apply Kicks in Taijiquan Combat
  2. Striking Tiger Poise against any Kick in Combat
  3. The Defence is in the Footwork in Effective Fighting
  4. Patterns and Sequences are Meant for Combat Application
  5. Penetrating Attacks and Lift Hand in Taijiquan
  6. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain in Taijiquan
  7. Naughty Monkey and Heavenly Priest in Taijiquan

Chin-Na and Master Sparring

  1. Locking Opponent and Simultaneously Chopping on his Head
  2. Two Beautiful Applications in Seemingly Helpless Situations
  3. A Key Secret in Release from Chin-Na in Combat
  4. Four Sequences of Old Eagle Catches Snake
  5. Size and Gender are Non-Crucial Factors in Kungfu
  6. How do Masters Spar?


Old Eagle Catches Snake 2010 Switzerland

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