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Counters against Various Throws

As Shaolin Kungfu and Wahnam Taijiquan are complete martial arts, they are adequate for defending against any forms of attacks without the need to incorporate any techniques from other martial arts. On the other hand, it is useful to understand the typical modes of attack of other martial systems, and to know the counters against them.

For a comprehensive understanding of combat, past masters classified all attacks into four categories, namely striking, kicking, felling and gripping. This video series show how participants at the Advanced Combined Shaolin Taijiquan Course, where only senior disciples were invited, countered typical Judo throws.

As Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt is also a master of Judo, he kindly explained and demonstrated important Judo throws and how to counter them. He explained that Judo throws might be grouped into three categories, namely forward throws, sideway throws and backward throws. The video clips below, taken impromptu during the course, show how to counter these throws.

Important Note: An ability to break fall safely is a pre-requisite to practice these exercises. Do not attempt the exercises shown in the video clips below if you are not competent in breaking fall. For those who do not have the skill to land safely, the risk of serious injury, including paralysis due to a fracture of the spine, is both high and real.

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Shoulder Throw

Shoulder Throw

Sifu Kai Jettkandt of Germany demonstrates a forward shoulder throw on Sifu Riccardo Puleo of Italy. This throwing attack is similar to “Farmer Hoes Field” in Shaolin Kungfu and “Emptying Rucksack” in Wahnam Taijiquan. Please be reminded that one should not attempt to learn or practice such shoulder throws unless he is trained or supervised by a master so as to avoid possible serious injury. Here, Sifu Riccardo is not injured despite practicing on a hard floor because both he is skilful in falling safely and Sifu Kai is skilful to avoid hurting his training partner in throwing him.

Counter against Shoulder Throw

Counter against Shoulder Throw

Sifu Kai demonstrates a counter against the forward shoulder throw attempted by Sifu Mark Appleford of Scotland. In Shaolin Kungfu, this counter pattern is known as “General Leads Horse”, and in Wahnam Taijiquan it is known as “Black Bear Sinks Hips”. A stable stance is needed in both these patterns. Sifu Kai also explains that it is necessary to push against the opponent's back to prevent him from moving back to recover his balance.

Hip Throws

Hip Throws

Next, Sifu Kai demonstrates some hip throws as used in Judo on Sifu Mark. In Shaolin Kungfu hip throws may be executed using the pattern “White Ape Uproots Tree” or the pattern “Immortal Draws Sword”. In Taijiquan, “Emptying Rucksack” may be used for hip throws as well as for shoulder throws. Hip throws are forward throws.

Counters against Hip Throws

Counter against Hip Throw

Sifu Kai applies the Shaolin pattern “Yun Tian Tames Tiger” to counter a hip throw attempted by Sifu Mark. (Yun Tian is one of the Chinese gods of wealth. He is a warrior and has a black face.) In Wahnam Taijiquan this counter can be effected by the pattern “Black Bear Sinks Hips”. Notice that Sifu Mark has locked both of Sifu Kai's hands, but Sifu Kai skillfully uses body movement to unbalance Sifu Mark.

More Examples of Hip Throws

Hip Throws

Sifu Kai shows more examples of hip throws. The exponent may grasp the opponent's waist, shoulder or head for the throw, but the “pivot” is at the hip. Please take note that here Sifu Kai is demonstrating throwing techniques in Judo. As Judo is a sport, the exponent may not pay much attention to the opponent's free hand while executing the throw. Note Sifu Mark's left hand, for example. Had Sifu Kai been showing a kungfu move, he would have “locked” the opponent's both hands while throwing. Also take note that laughter, as heard in this video clip, is a common feature in Shaolin Wahnam training.

More Counters against Hip Throws

Counter against Hip Throw

This video clip shows Sifu Kai countering Sifu Mark's hip throws. As Sifu Mark lifts his leg to sweep backward to effect his throw, Sifu Kai kicks forward at the opponent's leg and fells him backward. In Wahnam Taijiquan this counter may be implemented with the pattern “White Crane Flaps Wings” or the pattern “Carry Tiger Back to Mountain”. Notice again that laughter is a common feature in Shaolin Wahnam training, even in combat application.

Sideway Throws with Leg Sweeps

Leg Sweep

Sifu Kai throws Sifu Mark sideway by sweeping his leg as he attacks. In Shaolin Kungfu this sweeping attack to fell an opponent may be effected by the pattern “Drunken Eight Immortals”, and in Taijiquan by a modification of the pattern “White Crane Flaps Wings”.

Counters against Leg Sweeps (1)

Counter against Leg Sweep

Interestingly, Sifu Kai uses the same pattern to counter the opponent's attack. Sifu Mark attempts to fell Sifu Kai with “Drunken Eight Immortal”, but Sifu Kai also uses “Drunken Eight Immortals” to counter the attack, felling the opponent instead. Sifu Kai also demonstrates how to use another pattern called “Spiritual Dragon Crouches on Ground” to counter Sifu Mark's leg sweep. Again laughter is heard during the combat application session.

Counters against Leg Sweeps (2)

Counter against Leg Sweep

Here, Sifu Jeffrey Segal of Australia demonstrates another counter against a leg sweep attempted by Sifu Robin Gamble of England. Sifu Segal uses the pattern known in both Wahnam Taijiquan and Shaolin Kungfu as “Fisherman Casts Net”. A good stance is necessary for executing this pattern. The felling techniques shown by Sifu Jeffrey in this video clip are backward throws.

Backward Throws

Leg Sweep

Sifu Kai demonstrates a Judo backward throw. As Michael Chow attacks with a hook punch, Sifu Kai intercepts the attack and simultaneously throws Michael backward by pushing his right hand forward and simultaneously sweeping his right leg backward. This attack pattern is known in Shaolin Kungfu as “Dragonfly Dots Water”. The Shaolin pattern “Immortal Draws Sword” may also be used to implement a backward throw.

Counters against Backward Throws

Counter against Backward Throw

Sifu Kai shows how to counter a backward throw from Michael Chow by applying the Shaolin pattern “Spiritual Dragon Crouches on Ground”. In Wahnam Taijiquan the counter pattern is “Spiritual Monkey Presents Fruit”.

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Kungfu Counters against Judo Throws from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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