Sifu Daniel of Spain got to the back of Sifu Daniel of Canada in Baguazhang sparring

A welcoming feature for Baguazhang practitioners is that training Baguazhang makes them live long lives.

Baguazhang is a sophisticated martial art and it needs much practice to be proficient in it. A basic requirement is to practice Circle Walking or Walking the Octagon in Baguazhang.

It is helpful to know that all movements in Baguazhang, including the patterns in Circle Walking, can be used for combat. If a student does not know the combat application of a certain Baguazhang technique, it means he does not know; it certainly doesn't mean that that technique cannot be used for combat.

However, many students today do not know their Baguazhang applications; they merely exchange blows if they have to spar. The purpose of the video lessons here is to enable them to know simple Baguazhang combat application in a year, and not to make a mockery of their practice. More importantly, it contributes to their good health, vitality, longevity, mental clarity and being peaceful and happy.

It must be emphasized that they need to practice the video lessons, not merely learn them. If they follow the video lessons systematically and progressively, they should be able to enjoy the benefits in a year.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
11th April 2018

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      1. The Stream-Character Stance of Baguazhang
      2. Mother Palm 1 -- Single Changing Palm
      3. Mother Palm 2 -- Double Changing Palm
      4. Mother Palm 3 -- Smooth-Flow Palm
      5. Mother-Palm 4 -- Back-Body Palm
      6. Mother-Palm 5 -- Turn-Body Palm
      7. Mother-Palm 6 -- Circle-Body Palm
      8. Mother-Palm 7 -- Rotating-Body Palm
      9. Mother-Palm 8 -- Return-Body Palm
      10. Various Strikes and Counters in Baguazhang

      11. Simple Baguazhang Technique against Kicks
      12. Felling Technique and its Counter in Baguazhang
      13. Getting to Opponent's Back in Baguazhang
      14. Throwing an Opponent to the Ground as He Shoots
      15. Circular Hand to Counter Grips in Baguazhang



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