Wahnam Taijiquan

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates how to counter a Boxer's attacks

Although our Shaolin and Taijiquan students understand the combat principles against other martial arts, many of them lack practical experience as the few lessons in our courses and classes for this purpose are insufficient. To overcome this problem, Grandmaster Wong offered two regional courses in Portugal from 9th to 13th August 2010, one using Shaolin Kungfu and the other using Wahnam Taijiquan against other martial arts.

The main aim of the two courses was to enable course participants actually use, not merely know, Shaolin or Taijiquan effectively against other martial artists of similar skill levels. We are under no illusion that if an opponent is overwhelming skilful, he will defeat us irrespective of the arts he and we use.

The results of the two courses were excellent. Not only the course participants were competent in handling other martial artists of similar skill levels, they had a lot of fun and laughter, and were able to transfer their learning to enrich their daily lives. The video series here show lessons from Wahnam Taijiquan Against Other Martial Arts.

You can also view the videos here

Basic Taijiquan Patterns

Wahnam Taijiquan

  1. Importance of Waist Rotation in Taijiquan Movements
  2. Using Taijiquan Mechanics to Overcome Bigger, Stronger Opponents
  3. Movement Comes from the Waist
  4. The Principles of Back Leg and Sinking Hips
  5. From Leg through Waist to Hand
  6. Lifting Water and Internal Force

Against Boxing - Being Safe from Jabs and Crosses

Wahnam Taijiquan

  1. Using Guard-Hand against a Boxer's Jabs and Crosses
  2. Overcoming a Boxer's Speed by Using Body Movement
  3. Flowing with an Opponents Momentum
  4. Having Reach and Element of Threat in Attacks
  5. The Outside-In or Inside-Out Approach
  6. Being Safe from Boxers' Jabs and Crosses

Against Boxing - Tactic of Cover and Strike

Wahnam Taijiquan

  1. How to Deal with a Boxer Bouncing Around
  2. The Tactic of Cover and Strike
  3. Covering and Striking with Leopard Fist
  4. Progressing from Point 3 to Point 2 in Pre-Arranged Sparring
  5. From Pre-Arranged to Conditional Free Sparring using Jabs and Crosses

Against Boxing - Beward of Boxer's Hooks

Wahnam Taijiquan

  1. Beware of a Boxer's Hooks
  2. Effective Use of Body-Movement
  3. Countering Hooks and Continuous Attacks
  4. Giving Boxers a Fair Chance
  5. Locking a Boxer's Both Arms

Against Boxing - Chasing after Boxer

Wahnam Taijiquan

  1. Chasing After a Boxer
  2. Stepping on a Boxer or Felling Him onto the Ground
  3. White Monkey against Boxer's Undercuts
  4. How to Fall Safely
  5. Don't Expose Groin with Boxer on Ground

Against Wrestling

Wahnam Taijiquan

  1. Basic Techniques of Shoot and Pin-Downs
  2. Having Fun with Shoots and Pin-Downs
  3. Countering during the Process of a Shoot
  4. Counter-Striking an Opponent as he Shoots
  5. Exploiting the Vulnerable Position of the Shoot

Against Kick-Boxing