Shaolin Tantui

Grandmaster Wong performing Shaolin Tantui

The following webpages are for non-Shaolin Wahnam family members. Shaolin Wahnam family members, of course, may use these webpages for comparison.

Shaolin Tantui is often regarded as representative of Northern Shaolin Kungfu. There are of course other styles of Northern Shaolin Kungfu, such as Eagle Claw, Praying Mantis, Xingyiquan, Lohan Fist, Chaquan and Huaquan, but Shaolin Tantui is very widely practiced.

There are two versions how "Tantui" got its name. One version is that "Tantui" means "Spring Kicks", i.e. kicks executed from springing the leg from the knees. Another version is that this kungfu style was spread from Longtan Temple, which means Temple of the Dragon Pond, which was a branch of the Shaolin Monastery of Henan Province in north China.

The training of Tantui is focused on 12 sequences, which are famous for kicks and felling techniques. For some reasons, many modern Tantui practitioners just practice the outward forms of the 12 sequences, without understanding their combat application and without internal force.

This is a great pity as many Tantui masters, such as Huo Yuan Jia and Wang Zi Ping, as recent as the 20th century were great fighters, convincingly defeating foreign masters who came to China to test her martial art.

It is to overcome such setbacks that these video lessons are devised. But practitioners who follow these videos need to put in some time and effort to practice, not merely learn them. If they practice daily for about half an hour to an hour, in a year they should be combat efficient with opponents of their levels. More importantly they will be healthy, full of vitality and have longevity.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
7th April 2018

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      1. Stance Training for Combat Efficiency and Peak Performance
      2. Tantui Sequence 1 -- Thrust Punch
      3. Tantui Sequence 2 -- Kicking Attack
      4. Tantui Sequence 3 -- Cannon to Sky
      5. Tantui Sequence 4 -- Leopard Punch
      6. Tantui Sequence 5 -- Lift Strike
      7. Tantui Sequence 6 -- Double Spread
      8. Tantui Sequence 7 -- Single Spread
      9. Tantui Sequence 8 -- Thrust Kick
      10. Tantui Sequence 9 -- Break Lock

      11. Tantui Sequence 10 -- Arrow Spring
      12. Tantui Sequence 11 -- Hold Horse at Cliff
      13. Tantui Sequence 12 -- Diagonal Strike
      14. Exploding Force in Tantui
      15. Using Swinging Arms and Snap Kicks of Tantui for Combat
      16. An Excellent Way to Avoid a Kick
      17. Using Tantui Techniques to Fell an Opponent
      18. Avoiding Falls and Using Swinging Arms and Snap Kicks
      19. Application of Break Lock
      20. Combat Application of Double Flying Kick



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