A reverse sweep of the Butterfly Knives to counter-strike the horizontal sweep of a staff

Another common but wrong defence we often see in kungfu movies is using a light weapon, like a pair of Butterfly Knives or a sword, to block a medium or heavy weapon, like a staff or a halberd. The light weapons will be broken by the sheer weight of the heavier weapons.

Then, how would you counter a downward chop or a horizontal sweep of a staff with your Butterfly Knives. This video series gives some examples..

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Wrong Defence against a Staff Hit

butterfly knives

Here is a common but wrong technique to defend against a hitting attack from a staff. The opponent could use a reverse swing of the staff to hit your exposed areas. What would you do if an opponent strike your head with his staff?

Wrong Defence against a Thrusting Attack

butterfly knives

Blocking a downward hit is wrong. Blocking a thrusting attack is dangerous. The thrust is likely to go through. So how are you going to defend against a thrust?

Right Pattern but Wrong Application

butterfly knives

Sifu Mark Appleford volunteers to defend against a chopping attack. He uses “Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain”. The pattern is correct but the application is not. This is a good impromptu example illustrating that you must not only know the right pattern but use it correctly. Do you know how?

Correct Application of the Same Pattern

butterfly knives

Here is the correct application of the same pattern, “Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain”. The circular movement above the head before the downward chop of the knives is important. Notice that an exponent does not block the downward hit but deflects it.

Good Timing and Good Spacing

butterfly knives

Here is more detail on how to deflect the downward hit of a staff or any heavy weapon using the circular movement of the “Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain” pattern. You can deflect the weapon even if it is heavy because your deflecting movement follows the momentum of the opponent. Good timing and good spacing are necessary.

Wrong Defence against a Horizontal Sweep

butterfly knives

Here is a common but wrong defence against a horizontal sweep. A horizontal sweep by a heavy weapon like a Big Knife or even a medium-heavy weapon like a staff can go through despite a correctly placed block.

Continuous Reverse Sweeps of the Rhinoceros

butterfly knives

An excellent counter against a horizontal sweep is “Rhinoceros Looks at Moon”. As the sweep is coming, move forward diagonally and reverse sweep a knife into the opponent's hand holding the weapon. You need not block his horizontal sweep because it will not reach you. You would have cut his hand before the sweep has traveled its intended path. If your opponent retreats to avoid you counter attack on his hand, follow forward with another Rhinoceros reverse sweep, giving him little chance to escape.

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Butterfly Knives Counters against Chops and Sweeps of Other Weapons from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

A picture-series of the set can be found here


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