The significance of waist movement is revealled at the beginning of this pattern, “Rhinoceros Looks at Moon”

As in unarmed sets, various patterns in weapon sets are linked in some meaningful ways into sequences. This video series shows the first two sequences of the Butterfly Knives set, “Human-Character Double Southern Knives”.

These two sequences, which are named after their two crucial patterns “Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain” and “Rhinoceros Looks at Moon”, incorporate some important techniques of the Butterfly Knives. A combat application is explained here. More combat applications are explained in the next series.

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Benefits of Practicing a Weapon Set


The class go over the patterns of the set. Practicing a weapon set, like an unarmed set, has many benefits. Do you know what these benefits are.

Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain


“Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain” is repeated many times in different directions, followed by “Jade Girl Combs Hair” and “Jade Belt Circulates Waist”. Notice that the onus of this pattern is slicing. It can also be used for cutting.

The Formidable Technique of Reverse Slash


One of the most formidable knife techniques is the reverse slash, as shown here in the pattern called “Rhinoceros Looks at Moon”. Take note of the body-movement as well as waist rotation of this pattern.

Rhinoceros Looks at Moon


“Rhinoceros Looks at Moon” is followed by “Phoenix Flaps Wings”, “Breeze Spreads Lotus Leaves” and “Butterflies Flying Separate”. Kungfu pattern names are very poetic.

An Application of Swaying Lotus


A combat function of “Breeze Spreads Lotus Leaves” is shown here. The left Butterfly Knife is used to cover a thrust, and the Right Butterfly Knife cuts the opponent.

Butterflies Flying Separately


“Rhinoceros Looks at Moon”, “Phoenix Flaps Wings”, “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves” and “Butterflies Fly Separately” are also useful poise patterns. There are, of course, other effective combat functions. Can you figure out what these combat functions are?

Patterns Practiced Separately from Set


Patterns in a set can be taken out of the set to be practiced separately. These three patterns, “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves”, “Phoenix Spreads Wings” and “Rhinoceros Looks at Moon”, are examples.

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Fierce Tiger and Moon-Gazing Rhinoceros from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

A picture-series of the set can be found here


Review of UK Summer Camp 2007 Weapon Course

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  1. Introducing the Butterfly Knives
  2. Fierce Tiger and Moon-Gazing Rhinoceros
  3. How would you Counter a Spear Thrust?
  4. Counters against Chops and Sweeps of Other Weapons
  5. Butterfly Knives Against a Saber
  6. The Secret of Performing Butterfly Knives with Force and Speed but Without being Tired
  7. Yin-Yang Butterfly Knives and Close-Combat Applications
  8. Some Interesting Applications of Butterfly Knives Held in Reverse
  9. Combat Training with Weapons Must be Injury Free
  10. How do you Release your Butterfly Knives from being Locked?
  1. Learning to Make Flowers Systematically
  2. Combat Applications of Double Butterflies Flying
  3. Human-Character and Cross-Road are Found Here
  4. Kungfu Training and Mental Clarity
  5. Learning the Combat Applications of the Butterfly Knives against Other Weapons
  6. The Benefits of Combat Training with Classical Weapons
  7. From Slow and Systematic to Fast and Spontaneous
  8. First-Class Kungfu Calls for Great Skills and Techniques

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