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Grandmaster Wong applies “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves” to counter Sifu Anthony's thrust with a saber

A saber is both heavier and longer than Butterfly Knives. It is also very agile. These factors give a saber many advantages. How would you, then, defend against a saber?

Butterfly Knives have other advantages. As they are in pairs, a practitioner may use one knife to cover the saber, and the other knife to counter-strike. Their sturdiness due to their shorter length gives them better control and solidness when covering a saber.

This video series gives some examples how you may use Butterfly Knives to counter thrusting and chopping attacks from sabers. It also shows how you may escape from an ambush using the pattern “Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves”.

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Sequences 1 and 2 of the Set

butterfly knives

The class performs the first two sequences of the set called “Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain” and “Rhinoceros Looks at Moon”. The combat applications shown earlier are taken from these two sequences

Kungfu is for Practical Use

butterfly knives

Depending on our purpose, the two patterns, “Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves” and “Jade Belt Circulates Waist” may be performed as the end of Sequence 2 or the beginning of Sequence 3. In case those used to compartmentalized thinking may find this disturbing, be assured that this is normal in kungfu. Kungfu is geared to practical use; wherever these two patterns are more useful in a particular situation, we place them there — in practice as well as in actual combat.

Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves

butterfly knives

The pattern “Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves” is deonstrated slowly so that the participants can follow more easily. Notice the direction of the sharp blades while sweeping. This pattern is useful for fighting you way out of an ambush.

An Application of Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves

butterfly knives

Here is an application of “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves” against a saber thrust. Cover the saber with the left knife and simultaneously slash with the right knife.

Counter against a Saber Chop

butterfly knives

“Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves” can also be used against a chopping attack from a saber. The left blade is used to deflect the chop following its momentum, while simultaneously the right blade slashes at the opponent. It is important to deflect the saber in such a way that its downward movement does not hurt your right arm.

Coordination of Hands, Body and Feet

butterfly knives

The patterns learnt thus far are reviewed. Course participants should rotate their waist when performing a diagonal slash in “Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain”, but they must be forceful while being fluid. There should be good coordination of hands, body and feet, expressed as the “three external harmonies”.

Circular Movements to Deflect Weapons

butterfly knives

“Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain”, “Jade Girl Combs Hair”, and “Jade Belt Circulates Waist” are performed. The circular movements above the head are very useful for deflecting opponents' weapons.

Breaking Free from an Ambush

butterfly knives

“Rhinoceros Looks at Moon”, “Phoenix Spreads Wings” and “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves” are performed. Remember to sink down the hip in “Butterflies Flying Separately”. The pattern “Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves” is effective in breaking free from an ambush. Notice the sweeping positions of the blades.

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Butterfly Knives against a Sabre from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

A picture-series of the set can be found here


Review of UK Summer Camp 2007 Weapon Course

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  1. Introducing the Butterfly Knives
  2. Fierce Tiger and Moon-Gazing Rhinoceros
  3. How would you Counter a Spear Thrust?
  4. Counters against Chops and Sweeps of Other Weapons
  5. Butterfly Knives Against a Saber
  6. The Secret of Performing Butterfly Knives with Force and Speed but Without being Tired
  7. Yin-Yang Butterfly Knives and Close-Combat Applications
  8. Some Interesting Applications of Butterfly Knives Held in Reverse
  9. Combat Training with Weapons Must be Injury Free
  10. How do you Release your Butterfly Knives from being Locked?
  1. Learning to Make Flowers Systematically
  2. Combat Applications of Double Butterflies Flying
  3. Human-Character and Cross-Road are Found Here
  4. Kungfu Training and Mental Clarity
  5. Learning the Combat Applications of the Butterfly Knives against Other Weapons
  6. The Benefits of Combat Training with Classical Weapons
  7. From Slow and Systematic to Fast and Spontaneous
  8. First-Class Kungfu Calls for Great Skills and Techniques

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