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An interesting application of the Butterfly Knives held in reverse

Many people may wonder how the reverse-way or yin-way of holding the Butterfly Knives can have any combat functions.

Have a look at the Butterfly Knives patterns like “Bar the Big Boss”, “Double Leopards Speed through Jungle” and “Black Tiger Guards Door”. How are they used in combat?

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates some interesting combat applications with these patterns. They are excellent for releasing many different types of holds and grips. And you can choose to damage him in different ways — mildly, severely or fatally.

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From Yang-Grip to Yin-Grip

butterfly knives

Your opponent grips your wrist as you attack him with a Butterfly Knife. An effective technique to release the grip is to change your Butterfly Knife from the normal-way or yang-way of holding it to a reverse-way or yin-way, and lift the blade against the opponent's arm.

Releasing Grip on Neck or Upper-Body

butterfly knives

If your opponent grips your neck or upper body with two hands, a good counter is “Bar the Big Boss”. Notice that good waist-movement is needed.

Release from Double Grips on Wrists

butterfly knives

“Bar the Big Boss” is also an effective counter when your opponent grips both your wrist. If you do not wish to hurt him badly, you can follow up by striking his ribs with the butt of your Butterfly Knives using the pattern “Double Leopards Speed through Jungle”.

Using Circular Movement, Not Brutal Strength

butterfly knives

If your opponent's grips are firm, don't use brutal strength to attempt a release from the grips. Relax and apply “Bar the Big Boss” in a circular movement, followed by “Black Tiger Guards Door” which is deadly.

Simple Pattern but Useful Applications

butterfly knives

If your opponent holds you from behind with your arms sandwiched, you can counter with “Bar the Big Boss”. Isn't it amazing that such a seemingly simple pattern can be so useful?

Being Grabbed from Behind

butterfly knives

Here is another method to counter an opponent grabbing you from behind with both arms. When you hold your Butterfly Knives in the normal way, they could not be used as you have been held tight. But if you change your grip to a yin-way you can pierce him with the tips of your Butterfly Knives or slash his arm using “Bar the Big Boss” or “Black Tiger Guards Door”.

Various Combat Applications

butterfly knives

Here are a few interesting combat applications of the Butterfly Knives. You can be gentle on your opponent by merely poking him with the butt of the Knives, or more drastic by slashing or chopping him.

Proper Holding of the Knives the Yin-Way

butterfly knives

Here is how the Butterfly Knives are properly held the yin-way. When you poke with the butts, the focus of your grip is on the index fingers, not on the thumbs, otherwise your thumbs could be hurt. Make sure the tips of the reverse Knives point away from you, not at your own ribs!

Focus at Index Fingers, not at Thumbs

butterfly knives

Course participants are reminded that when using the Butterfly Knives the yin-way to poke at an opponent with the butts of the Knives, it is important to ensure that the driving force forward is at the index fingers and not at the thumbs, otherwise the thumbs would be injured by the back-flow of force.

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Some Interesting Applications of Butterfly Knives held in Reverse from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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