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Do you know the combat function of this “human-character” formation of the two Butterfly Knives?

This set is called “Human-Character Double Southern Knives” because it is derived from two Butterfly Knives sets, namely “Human-Character Knives” from Sifu Choe Hoong Choy's lineage, and “Cross-Road Double Southern Knives” from Uncle Righteousness' lineage.

“Human-Character” is so called because the two Butterfly Knives form a pattern that resembles the Chinese character for “man” or “human”. The term “Cross-Road” is derived from the two Butterfly Knives forming a cross in the pattern “Breeze Sweeps Lotus Leaves”. Both these two patterns are shown in this video clip.

The “human-character” formation looks like a block, but it isn't. Can you guess how it is used in combat? The “cross-road” formation is also very effective for combat. Do you know its function?

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Locking an Opponent's Weapon with Human-Character

butterfly knives

This pattern, “Human-Character Knife Technique”, is the start of Sequence 8. This is a signature pattern from the Wing Choon Butterfly Knife Set. It appears like a block but it isn't. It is an effective technique to lock an opponent's weapon, like a spear and a sword. Do you know how it can lock an opponent's weapon?

Deadly Counters against Spear or Sword Thrust

butterfly knives

Having locked an opponent's weapon, you can slice the opponent using “Drying Dews on Lotus Platform” or “Reverse Hitting of Purple Bell”. These techniques are deadly counters against an opponent attacking with a spear or a sword thrust.

Drying Dews and Purple Bell

butterfly knives

The patterns “Human-Character Knife Technique”, “Drying Dew on Lotus Platform”, “Reverse Hitting of Purple Bell” and “Colourful Swallows Flying Separately” are performwes. (The last pattern is shown in the next video clip.) These patterns form part of Sequence 8.

Series of Golden Knife Chops Rock

butterfly knives

After “Colourful Swallows Flying Separately”, a Butterfly Knives performer turns around and executes a series of “Golden Knife Chops Rock”. This series of chopping attacks is similar to “making flowers” except that there is no “crossing-arms”.

Patterns of Sequence 8

butterfly knives

Sequence 8 of the set is now shown with all its patterns, namely “Hyman-Character Knife Technique”, “Drying Dews on Lotus Platform”, “Reverse Hitting of Purple Bell”, “Colourful Swallows Flying Separately”, and “Golden Knife Chop Rocks”. The last pattern shown in the video is “Breeze Sweeps Lotus Leaves”, which is the start of Sequence 9.

Learning, Studying and Practicing

butterfly knives

This video shows participants practicing Sequence 8 of the Butterfly Knives Set. Practicing on your own is very important in attaining proficiency. Many students confuse practicing with learning, and also with studying. They talk of learning kungfu or studying kungfu. Technically, learning is different from studying, but both are different from practicing. Learning and studying take up only about 5% of the training time. 95% is practice.

The Signature Pattern “Human-Character Knife Technique”

butterfly knives

Sequence 8 is performed again. The pattern “Human-Character Knife Technique” may look prosaic, but it is the signature pattern in the Wing Choon Butterfly Knives Set. This Wing Choon set forms a major part of this set, the other part being “Cross-Road Double Southern Knives” from Uncle Righteousness' lineage.

Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves

butterfly knives

After the pattern “Colourful Swallows Fly Separately”, a performer turns around and executes a series of “Golden Knife Chops Rock”. Then he turns around again and begins Sequence 9 with the patterns “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves”, “Point at Star Look at Moon”, “Bail Moon from Sea Bottom”, “Fierce Tigers Descend Mountain” and turning around “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves”.

Point at Star and Look at Moon

butterfly knives

After “Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves” (shown in the previous video), are the patterns “Point at Star Look at Moon”, “Bail Moon from Sea Bottom”, “Single Leg Hungry Crane” and “Fierce Tigers Descend Mountain”. The names of the patterns are poetic.

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Human-Character and Cross-Road are Found here in the Butterfly Knives from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

A picture-series of the set can be found here


Review of UK Summer Camp 2007 Weapon Course

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  1. Introducing the Butterfly Knives
  2. Fierce Tiger and Moon-Gazing Rhinoceros
  3. How would you Counter a Spear Thrust?
  4. Counters against Chops and Sweeps of Other Weapons
  5. Butterfly Knives Against a Saber
  6. The Secret of Performing Butterfly Knives with Force and Speed but Without being Tired
  7. Yin-Yang Butterfly Knives and Close-Combat Applications
  8. Some Interesting Applications of Butterfly Knives Held in Reverse
  9. Combat Training with Weapons Must be Injury Free
  10. How do you Release your Butterfly Knives from being Locked?
  1. Learning to Make Flowers Systematically
  2. Combat Applications of Double Butterflies Flying
  3. Human-Character and Cross-Road are Found Here
  4. Kungfu Training and Mental Clarity
  5. Learning the Combat Applications of the Butterfly Knives against Other Weapons
  6. The Benefits of Combat Training with Classical Weapons
  7. From Slow and Systematic to Fast and Spontaneous
  8. First-Class Kungfu Calls for Great Skills and Techniques

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