butterfly knives

The Butterfly Knives against the Sword. Do you think this is a good counter?

Many people think that learning classical weapons is no longer meaningful in modern societies as we do not use classical weapons for fighting any more. We soon find out that this way of thinking is flawed in our combat training with weapons.

Not only an understanding of classical weapons will enable us to better handle modern improvised weapons like a cleaver, a spike or a broken bottle, it highlights many combat principles that are not only useful in unarmed combat, which may still occur in modern living, but develops qualities like calmness and agility in a more cost-effective manner that enhance our daily life.

In most other schools, combat training often means hitting one another freely and generously. But when you use weapons in combat training, it forces upon you to reflect that such exchanges of blows are just not right in proper martial art training. Hopefully, those who still respect kungfu as a martial art may realize this point.

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Telling our Opponents how to Counter our Attacks

butterfly knives

Nicky is helping Nick, who is a beginner, on how to counter a sword thrust executed by herself. She asks Nick to deflect the sword with one knife and chops at the opponent with the other. It is heart-warming to note that in our Shaolin Wahnam training, we tell our “opponent” how to counter our own attacks, whereas in many other schools the two combatants simply hit each other.

Purposely Slowing Down Movements

butterfly knives

Sifu Anthony sandwiches Sifu Marcus' staff and moves in to slash the opponent. This is an excellent way to counter a long weapon. They purposely slow down their movements so as to figure out whether the counters are effective, and to make adjustments or changes if needed.

Combat Effective Without being Rough

butterfly knives

Two beautiful women engaged in a fight — and with deadly weapons too. They are gentle and effective, manifesting the fact that one can fight well without being rough. They also manifest the features of their respective weapons.

Counters against the Formidable Spear Thrust

butterfly knives

The spear thrust is considered the most formidable attack, because it is the most difficult to defend against. One would not be considered proficient in his chosen weapon if he does not know how to defend against a spear thrust. Here Alex is helping Dhtmld to acquire this essential skill and technique.

Counters against the Chinese sword

butterfly knives

A Chinese sword is considered a master's weapon because it requires great skills to use it well. Nicky is helping Nick, a beginner, to work out some counters against the sword attacks. The cross-knife defence against the sword attack is not a good response. Do you know why?

Weakness of Crossing Knives

butterfly knives

Crossing both Butterfly Knives is generally not a good technique because you use two knives when one is sufficient for the purpose. Not only it is redundant, you limit the use of both knives as well as place yourself in a venerable position. But the “human-character' formation of the Butterfly Knives, which is a signature pattern in this set, is different? Do you know why?

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Benefits of Combat Training with Classical Weapons from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Review of UK Summer Camp 2007 Weapon Course

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  1. Introducing the Butterfly Knives
  2. Fierce Tiger and Moon-Gazing Rhinoceros
  3. How would you Counter a Spear Thrust?
  4. Counters against Chops and Sweeps of Other Weapons
  5. Butterfly Knives Against a Saber
  6. The Secret of Performing Butterfly Knives with Force and Speed but Without being Tired
  7. Yin-Yang Butterfly Knives and Close-Combat Applications
  8. Some Interesting Applications of Butterfly Knives Held in Reverse
  9. Combat Training with Weapons Must be Injury Free
  10. How do you Release your Butterfly Knives from being Locked?
  1. Learning to Make Flowers Systematically
  2. Combat Applications of Double Butterflies Flying
  3. Human-Character and Cross-Road are Found Here
  4. Kungfu Training and Mental Clarity
  5. Learning the Combat Applications of the Butterfly Knives against Other Weapons
  6. The Benefits of Combat Training with Classical Weapons
  7. From Slow and Systematic to Fast and Spontaneous
  8. First-Class Kungfu Calls for Great Skills and Techniques

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