butterfly knives

Turning around to counter

Having acquired the technique and skill of “khuen fa” or “making flowers” implemented in the pattern “Double Butterflies Flying”, the next step is to learn its combat applications.

It is a formidable technique. When applied skillfully, amongst other functions, it can be used to continuously attack an opponent almost irrespective of his responses!

On the other hand, participants also learn how to counter attacks of this formidable technique, thus making our combat training complete. Much skill is required to execute the technique and its defence effectively.

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Continue Attacks Regardless of Opponent's Defence

butterfly knives

“Making flowers”, implemented in the pattern “Double Butterflies Flying”, is a formidable technique. If you are skillful, amongst many other combat functions you can apply, is to attack your opponent continuously almost irrespective of his response. If he tries to block your attack or hold your hand, you continue regardless of what he does!

How to Counter Continuous Attacks of Making Flowers

butterfly knives

If “making flowers” is such a formidable attack, amongst other functions, how would you defend against it, especially if you are unarmed. As the opponent attacks with a right chop, the exponent grips his wrist using “Wave Dragon Back to Den”. The exponent positions himself so skillfully that it is difficult for the opponent to continue with his attack.

Turning the Weapon Back to the Opponent

butterfly knives

The exponent gives another impromptu example to counter the continuous attacks of “making flowers”. He “tames” the opponent's right chop with the pattern “Yun Dan Tames Tiger” (Yun Dan is the military god of wealth.) As the opponent continues with a reversed right chop, the exponent turns the chopping attack back to him using the pattern “Sweep Clouds See Sun”.

Skill not just Technique in Stopping Attacks

butterfly knives

You must be skillful in taming or holding the opponent's arm, otherwise he can release your grip and strike you. A skillful taming of the opponent's elbow can stop his attacks. However, if you are not skillful, even when you grip his two wrists he can still release the grips and strike you.

The Deciding Factor is Skills

butterfly knives

If the Butterfly Knives exponent is skillful, he can counter your counters. The opponent tames the exponent's elbow very well, but the exponent changes into a reversed yin-grip and cuts the opponent's arm. The opponent pushes the exponent backward, but the exponent turns around and attacks the opponent with the other knife.

Retreating a Step to Counter

butterfly knives

If an opponent grips your arm and pushes at you, just retreat a step and cuts the opponent's arm. As in life, when situations appear difficult, retreating a step often helps to solve problems.

Counter against a Seemingly Impossible Escape

butterfly knives

The opponent manages to hold the exponent's both hands in such a way that it seems there is no escape. But the exponent merely retreats a small step and counters with “Double Swallows Flying Separately”.

Following Opponent to Bridge Gap

butterfly knives

How would you defend against an armed opponent when you are unarmed. When you grip his hand to disarm him, he retreats a step and strikes you. One effective way is to follow his retreat to bridge the gap he attempts to create. The Unicorn-Step is very useful for this purpose. Then subdue him accordingly.

Double Butterflies Flying

butterfly knives

The class performs Sequence 7 which includes the important technique of “making flowers”. The pattern used to implement this technique is “Double Butterflies Flying”. The other two patterns are “Golden Knife Chops Rock” and “Double Dragons Emerge from Sea”.

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Combat Applications of Double Butterflies Flying from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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