butterfly knives

Applying the yin Butterfly Knife to release an opponent's grip

The Butterfly Knives are unique in that they can be held in the normal manner, and also in a reverse manner. For convenience, we may refer to the normal way of holding the Butterfly Knives as the yang-way, and the reverse way as the yin-way.

This yin-yang way of holding the Butterfly Knives give us some useful techniques for combat. The yon-way is effective in close-body combat, and this video series shows some interesting applications.

You must, of course, be skillful in changing from the yang to the yin way of holding, and vice versa, quickly and spontaneously. Sequences 4 and 5 of the Butterfly Set provide some systematic practice

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Holding the Butterfly Knives the Yin-Yang Way

butterfly knives

This is the short Sequence 4 of the set where the Butterfly Knives are held in the normal way in one hand, and in the reverse way or the yin way in the other hand. The patterns where the Butterfly Knives are held in a yin-yang manner are “Jade Girl Throws Ball” and “Breeze Sways Floating Green”. The knives are held in the normal yang manner in “Colorful Swallows Flying Separately”, and in the yin manner in “Double Leopards Speed Through Jungle”. (The last pattern is not shown in the video clip.)

Colorful Swallows Flying Separately

butterfly knives

In the pattern “Colorful Swallows Flying Separately” the two knives should be thrust forward, and not spread sideways. This is a deadly pattern that cuts into the opponent's ribs.

Double Leopards Speed Through Jungle

butterfly knives

After the pattern “Colorful Swallows Flying Separately” is the pattern “Double Leopards Speed Through Jungle”, but this pattern is not shown in the video clip. Then turn around to “Double Lifting of Sun and Moon”, followed by three repetitions of “Double Leopards Speed through Jungle”.

Double Lifting of Sun and Moon

butterfly knives

“Double Lifting of Sun and Moon” is an effective way to counter an opponent gripping your two wrists. You do not just lift the knives against his arms, but slice them along.

Importance of Waist Movement and Footwork

butterfly knives

If an opponent grips your body from behind, “Lifting the Sun and Moon” is an effective counter. Waist movement and footwork are important in this counter.

Momentum from the Waist and Channeled through the Index Fingers

butterfly knives

When performing “Double Leopards Speed Through Jungfle”, the focus is at the ends of the hilts and not at the hooks of the knives. If you perform this thrusting movement incorrectly by using your thumbs at the hooks to push, you would hurt your hands. The pushing momentum comes from the waist and challenges through the index fingers.

Excellent for Close-Body Combat

butterfly knives

After three repetitions of “Double Leopards Speed Through Jungle” follow “”Bar the Big Boss” and “Black Tiger Guards Door”. These are very useful patterns for close-body combat. Do you know how to apply them?

Be Deadly or Be Merciful with the Same Patterns

butterfly knives

The class goes over Sequence 5 of the set. The patterns are three repetitions of “Double Leopards Speed Through Jungle”, and two repetitions of “Bar the Big Boss” and “Black Tiger Guards Door”. These few patterns can be deadly or used mercifully. Do you know the different applications?

Releasing a Wrist Grip

butterfly knives

Here is a simple way to release a wrist grip by an opponent. Use a merciful counter on your opponent. What deadly counter you could use if the opponent is a nasty person?

Disarming an Opponent's Knife

butterfly knives

Here is a way how you could disarm an opponent's knife. A set-back of this technique is that you need to use your two hands to disarm his weapon in one hand. The opponent's other hand is free, and will pose a danger if he is holding another weapon with that free hand.

Maneuvering an Opponent into an Awkward Position

butterfly knives

Here is another more effective as well as safer technique to disarm an opponent's weapon. There is still a risk of the opponent attacking with the other hand, especially if he is holding another weapon, but as you have placed yourself in an advantageous position and maneuvered him into an awkward stance, the risk is minimized.

Countering a Disarming Technique

butterfly knives

The roles are now reverse. An opponent grips an exponent's wrist and attempts to disarm the exponent. The exponent counters using “Bar the Big Boss”. Notice that the exponent automatically covers the opponent's hands to prevent him from a surprised attack. This automatic covering is due to systematic training where “safety first” becomes a natural reaction.

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Original - Yin-Yang Buttefly Knives and Close-Combat Applications from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

A picture-series of the set can be found here


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