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When we practice “Pushing Hands” and “Striking Hands” our arms are in contact with our sparring partners. One may ask, “But is this applicable in free sparring or actual combat where combatants normally do not stand close together with arms touching?”

Pushing Hands and Striking Hands are training methods to develop skills and practice techniques. When we have the necessary skills and techniques we apply them in combat sequence training which simulates real fighting.

We have twelve fundamental combat sequences in our Wahnam Taijiquan sparring methodology, which are taught in Intensive Taijiquan Courses and regular classes. In a regional course, there is insufficient time to teach these twelve combat sequences adequately. But instead of teaching only a part of these twelve combat sequences, which would make the training incomplete, these twelve fundamental combat sequences are compressed into eight simplified combat sequences without losing the completeness of combat training.

An extra technique, i.e. a side-attack using “Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens”, is added to off-set the absence of a side-attack in the 12 fundamental sequences. These 6 simplified parallel those of Shaolin Kungfu. Hence an added advantage is that Wahnam Taijiquan practitioners can now use these eight simplified Taijiquan combat sequences to practice with Shaolin Kungfu practitioners using the eight simplied Shaolin combat sequences.

These video clips were taken at the Guan Yin Temple on the Blue Mountain.

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Top, Middle, Bottom

Combat Sequences

The first combat sequence deals with the three levels of attack, namely top, middle and bottom levels. Note the effective use of body-movement in neutralizing, deflecting and countering an opponent's attack.

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Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens

Combat Squences

This is a side attack using a horn punch. The pattern is called “Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens”.

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Punch Below Sleeves

Combat Sequences

A swinging side attack of a horn punch is powerful. Instead of blocking it head-on, shift the body backward to avoid its momentum, then brush it away followed by a low vertical punch using the pattern “Punch Below Sleeves”.

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Immortal Waves Sleeves

Combat Sequences

What would you do when your opponent has “tamed” your two hands, and his punch is coming fast into you? An effective defence to come out of this difficult situation is just to move one step back.

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Continuing to Another Sequence

Combat Sequences

This video clip shows how an initiator continues to another sequence after completing the first sequence. In other words, he initiates two sequences continuously, one after another. Here he initiates Sequence 1 and Sequence 2.

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Practicing the stage of Continuation

Combat Sequences

Participants practice a progressive stage of our sparring methodology called “Continuation”. The two sequences run together smoothly as if they were one long sequence.

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Spontaneous, Fluid and Forceful Movements

Combat Sequences

In the foreground Sifu Jeffrey of Australia practices the stage of “Continuation” with Sifu Robin of England. Notice that their movements are spontaneous, fluid and forceful.

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Solo Training of Combat Sequences

Combat Sequences

Grandmaster Wong leads the class in solo practice of the first two combat sequences used in continuation. When students have acquired the required combat skills and have experience of sparring with a live partner, such solo training of combat application is very useful in promoting combat efficiency.

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Same Techniques but Different Skill Levels

Combat Sequences

Participants practice the combat sequences in solo on their own. Can you recognize what combat sequences they are using. In the foreground is Sifu Robin. Although the techniques are the same, you can easily notice the vast difference of skills between Sifu Robin and other participants.

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Combat Sequences 1 and 2 -- Top, Middle, Bottom and Sides from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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