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This video series which deals with Sequence 6 illustrates a number of interesting techniques and tactics. The main techniques are how to fell an opponent, and how to counter the felling attack. The patterns used are “Carry Tiger Back to Mountain” and “Heavenly Priest Stamps Insignia” respectively.

Felling an opponent requires some sophisticated movements. You normally need two or more movements to accomplish this attack, in contrast with strikes and kicks where one movement is sufficient. If the opponent can neutralize any of your movements during your process of executing them, your attack would be ineffective. In other words, even if he misses your first move, he still can neutralize or counter you in subsequent movements, whereas in a strike or a kick he would be hit.

Moreover, in the process of preparing for your felling attack or during the felling attack itself, you may be vulnerable to his counter-attacks. Hence felling attacks require more skills to implement than one-movement strikes or kicks.

Hence, a skillful exponent normally does not move straight in to attempt a felling attack. He prepares for the felling attack using various tactics. One useful tactic is shown here. You press in to attack. When he counters, before he could complete his countering move, you surprise him with your felling technique which you have prepared yourself to apply at the right moment.

These video clips were taken at the Guan Yin Temple on the Blue Mountain.

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Pressing in with Roll-Steps

Combat Sequences

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates how to employ roll-steps to press into an opponent to attack. It is important to cover the opponent to be safe while attacking.

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Changing Steps to Counter Pressing Attacks

Combat Sequences

How would you counter a pressing attack? An effective way is to use changing steps. The pattern to implement this tactic shown here is called “Dodge, Extend Arm”.

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Felling an Opponent Elegantly

Combat Sequences

As Sifu Robin neutralizes Grandmaster Wong's attack with changing steps and presses in, Grandmaster Wong deflects the attack and fells Sifu Robin using “Carry Tiger Back to Mountain”. Notice that the felling is accomplished with proper techniques, and not with brutal strength.

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Carry Tiger Back to Mountain

Combat Sequences

This video clip shows the felling technique using “Carry Tiger Back to Mountain” from the other side. In practice with a sparring partner, let go of the held arm as he falls to prevent dislocating or breaking his arm.

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Flooring Opponents Effectively and Elegantly

Combat Sequences

With proper techniques and systematic training, even fresh beginners like Priya (the lady participant in the second pair from the left), Pablo (white shirt of third pair), and Walter (blue shirt of fifth pair) can floor their opponents effectively and elegantly. It is also important to fall safely with break-falls.

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Counter against Felling Technique

Combat Sequences

An effective counter against “Carry Tiger Back to Mountain” is “Swaying the Lotus”, which is a whirlwind kick. It is important to guard the opponent's hands while executing the kick. Holding him, however, is not necessary and may be disadvantageous.

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Swaying the Lotus

Combat Sequences

Grandmaster Wong leads the class in solo performing the responder' mode of Sequence 6 in solo. You must protect your groin when executing “Swaying the Lotus”.

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Don't Block a Powerful Kick

Combat Sequences

A good counter against the whirlwind kick is “Heavenly Priest Stamps Insignia”. Don't block a whirlwind kick as it is powerful when executed by a skillful opponent, and may break the blocking arm or hand.

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Combat Sequence 6 -- Felling Opponents with Carrying Tiger Back to Mountain from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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