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What is Grandmaster Wong doing? Holding a Lute on Single Leg?

The chin-na techniques shown here, “Single-Legged Carry Lute” and “Kwan Pheng Carries Insignia”, are more sophisticated. The uninitiated may not know they are chin-na techniques, mistakenly thinking they are merely decorative.

Can we apply such sophisticated techniques on our opponents in real combat? Of course, we can, if we know how. Tactics are used to help us in applying the chin-na techniques, and the examples given here are “tempt the opponent to attack in futility”, and “follow his momentum”.

At the course, instead of telling the practitioners the counters to these sophisticated chin-na attacks, Grandmaster Wong asked them to work out the counters themselves, which they did excellently. Some examples are shown here by Andre, Ronny and Adam.

Grandmaster Wong then explained that there were three points of time-frame when we can counter, namely the initial, the mid-point and the ending. Can you tell at what point of time the counters shown in the videos were made against “Single-Legged Carry Lute” and “Kwan Pheng Carries Insignia”?

You can read first-hand accounts of the Special Chin-Na Course by Zhang Wuji from his posts in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum by clicking here .

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More Sophisticted Chin-Na Techniques

shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na
Single-Legged Holding Lute Single-Legged Holding Lute Single-Legged Holding Lute
shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na
Felling Tree with Roots Taming Tiger Listening to Wind Taming Tiger Listening to Wind
shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na
Green Dragon Shoots Pearl Kwan Pheng Carries Insignia Kwan Pheng Carries Insignia
shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na
Lion Turns Head Monkey Catches Lices White Ape Fell Tree
shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na
White Ape Fells Tree White Ape Fells Tree
shaolin chin-na shaolin chin-na
Jade Girl Plucks Flower Cannon Punch Towards Sky

We would like to express our thanks to Dr Damian, Dr Roseline and Bernadette from Shaolin Wahnam Sabah for making these videos, and Godfery Kissey of Ogingo Videography, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia (telephone number: 60-88-731788, e-mail for providing the video equipment.

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More Sophisticated Shaolin Chin-Na Techniques from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Glimpses of Special Chin-Na Course

Click here for an Overview of the entire course

  1. Importance of Mind Training and Force Development
  2. Applying Strategies and Tactics in Effecting Chin-Na Techniques
  3. More Sophisticated Chin-Na Techniques
  4. Following the Opponent's Momentum in Chin-Na Attacks and Counters
  5. How to Subdue an Opponent with Chin-Na even when he Knows the Counter
  6. Chin-Na Techniques for Dislocating Wrists
  7. Some Examples of Chin-Na Combat Sequences
  8. Marvelous Techniques Beget Marvelous Techniques
  9. Three Points of Time to Counter Chin-Na Attacks
  10. Countering Sophisticated Chin-Na Techniques
  1. Successful Application of Chin-Na Attacks and Three Points of Counters
  2. Good Timing and Good Spacing
  3. Close-Body Fighting and Rapid Punches
  4. Listening to Winds and Catching Goats

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