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鷹爪五十路連拳 50 Sequences of Eagle Claw Kung Fu from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

The compilation of these 50 sequences of Eagle Claw Kungfu was done by Sifu Mark Blohm of Taiwan. The individual 50 sequences can be accessed below.

  1. Press Strike or Ngat Ta
  2. Lift Strike or Thiew Ta
  3. Side Fist or Pang Khuen
  4. Draw LIft or Whak Thiew
  5. Slant Horse Three Fists or Khoi Ma Sam Khuen
  6. Hanging Fist or Fan Khuen
  7. Chop-Waist Palm or Cham Yew Cheong
  8. Side-Step Move or Pai Pou Hang
  9. Turn-Return Palm or Chuin Wan Cheong
  10. Press Elbow Continuous Strikes or Chein Jow Thun Da

  11. High Lift Low Press or Kou Thiew Thai Ngat
  12. Follow-Through Punches or Soon Pou Khuen
  13. Retreat Step Continuous Strikes or Thui Pou Thun Da
  14. Strike Elbow or Khow Jow
  15. Turn Sleeves or Hong Chow
  16. Slip Fist or Liat Khuen
  17. Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves or Swun Foong Sou Yip
  18. Hook Hand Seek Organ or Thiew Sau Liew Yam
  19. Continuous Strikes or Thun Ta
  20. Horizontal Strike or Khow Ta

  21. Hook-Hand Dodge-Step Strike or Thiew Sau Sim Pou Ta
  22. Grasp Wrist or Lou Woon
  23. Lift Elbow or Nai Ta
  24. Seize Technique Pointed Fist or Jow Fatt Chim Khuen
  25. Hook-Hand Reverse Fist or Thiew Sau Fan Khuen
  26. Protect Elbow Thrust Palm or Wu Sau Jow Cham Cheong
  27. Stroke Eye-Brow or Moot Mei
  28. Carry Moon in Bosom or Wai Choong Pou Yuit
  29. Outward Grip or Ngoi Poon Khuen
  30. Spiral Fist or Chuin Khuen

  31. Top Contain Hand or Seong Chin Sau
  32. Bottom Contain Hand or Ha Chin Sau
  33. Top Capture Hand or Seong Khun Sau
  34. Bottom Capture Hand or Ha Khun Sau
  35. Hook Strike or Thiew Ta
  36. Sandwiched Strike or Kap Ta
  37. Eight Turn Fist or Pat Fan Khuen
  38. Lift Punch or Kar Ta
  39. Grasp Strike or Lou Ta
  40. Eagle-Claw Strong Grip Technique or Yin Jow Lek Pat Fatt

  41. Moving Forward Hook Technique or Hang Pou Thiew Sau
  42. Dodge Spread or Sim Chin
  43. Close-Body Anchor Strike or Thip Sun Khow Ta
  44. Fell Body Technique or Sheut Sun Fatt
  45. Immortal Changes Shadow or Seen Yein Woon Yin
  46. Hide Flowers in Leaves or Yip Lei Chong Fa
  47. Front Plant Leg or Chin Chap Pou
  48. Back Plant Leg or Hou Chap Pou
  49. Move Forward Together or Chai Pou Seong
  50. Front-Back Jumping Leg or Cheen Hou Thew Thui


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