Shaolin Four Gates

The elbow strike, though short-range, can be a very effective attack if you know how to apply it skilfully

Some simple-looking but deadly techniques are shown in this video series. Many combatants would be at a lost if an opponent intercepts their sweeping kick and counters with thrust punch while their kicking leg is still in the air. But applying “Golden Snake on Ground” skillfully will not only neutralize this difficult attack but break the attacking arm.

When an opponent wards of your thrust punch, moving in to strike him with your elbow often catches your opponent with surprise. But if he is skilful he may surprise you with a “toe-kick” at your vital point at your ribs. If you strike his kicking leg using “Single Whip” he may move to your side to strike you with “Sharp Knives”. You can turn aside and break his arm with a “Sharp Knife” too. These sophisticated techniques uses the tactic of “no defence direct counter”.

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Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Golden Snake on Ground Golden Snake on Ground Hide Flower in Sleeves
Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Guard Hand Black Crow Flaps Wings Black Crow Flaps Wings
Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Little Bird Shows Toes Little Bird Shows Toes Single Whip Saves Emperor
Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Single Whip Saves Emperor Sharp Knives Trim Bamboo Lohan Hits Gong

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Sophisticated Techniques Using Tactic of No Defence Direct Counter from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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