Shaolin Four Gates

How would you counter against a knee strike executed here by Grandmaster Wong using the pattern "Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle"

Grandmaster Wong explains how to apply techniques from Four Gates to counter two important attacks — the Muay Thai knee strike and the Wrestler's shoot.

The Muay Thai knee strike is formidable; many martial artists do not know how to counter it. The shoot is an unwise move, though many attackers use it. These two attacks are also found in Shaolin, in the patterns “Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle” and “Angry Bull Charges at Fence”, but the Shaolin techniques are executed in a way that the attacker is not exposed to risky counters.

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Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Muay Thai Knee Jab Plant Willow Deflect Knee
Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Not Blocking Guard Elbow Class Practice
Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Against Knee Strike Against Knee Strike
Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Against Shoot Avoid Opponent's Momentum Retreat Step

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Shaolin Counters against the Formidable Knee Jabs and the Common Shoot from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Four Gates at UK Summer Camp 2008

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