Shaolin Four Gates

Dave applying Four-Gate techniques against a Boxer posed by Paul

Why are so many kungfu practitioners unable to handle Boxers? It is mainly because they do not understand combat philosophy and thus unable to make good use of the superiority of their techniques. Grandmaster Wong demonstrates a common, big mistake many kungfu practitioners make when fighting against a Boxer. They retreat in face of a Boxer's fast punches. He then demonstrates how to use body-movement and interception to effectively counter a Boxer.

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Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Body Movement Don't Retreat Interception
Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Body- Movement Wrong Movement
Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Shaolin Spacing Shaolin Footwork
Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates Shaolin Four Gates
Don't Bounce About Economy of Movement Class Practice

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Using Body-Movement and Interception in Shaolin Kungfu to Counter a Boxer from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Four Gates at UK Summer Camp 2008

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