Bodhidharma, Chi Kung, Chin-Na

Pushing Mountain

Pushing Mountain

Bodhidharma Bodhidharma

Bodhidharma's Original Intention and the
Development of the Shaolin Arts

Lineage, Evolution and Future of the Shaolin Arts
How and What would Bodhidharma Teach Today?
Famous Arts from the Legacy of Bodhidharma
Why should We be Mindful of the Present when
the Phenomenal World is an Illusion?

Why did Bodhidharma Go East?
Bodhidharma's Teaching is Timeless
High Level Chi Kung of Bodhidharma's Teaching Today
Attaining Marvelous Feats through Sinew Metamorphosis
Practicing Zen after Legazy of Bodhidharma Courses

The Great Bodhidharma's Teaching in One Sentence
Why did it Take so Long for Bodhidharma's Legacies
to be Taught to the Public at High Level?

Eighteen Lohan Hands
What Bohdidharma would Teach the Modern World
Eighteen Lohan Hands, Sinew Metamorphosis, Bone
Marrow Cleansing and Zen

How did Bodhidharma Learn the Eighteen Lohan Hands?
Wisdom and Cultivation in Bodhidharma's Teaching
What is Important is that your Practice Brings You and
Other People Benefits

One-Finger Zen and Some Incredible Stories
The Teachings of Confucius and Zhang San Feng

To Find the Buddha
Can One Dispell the Three Poisons by Just Being
Does Karma Arise in the Mind?
Our Thoughts and Karma
Compassion and Enlightenment
Questions on the Legacy of Bodhidharma

Pushing Mountain Chi Kung

Why There were No Records of How Bone Marrow
Cleansing was Performed

Martial Benefits of Eighteen-Lohan Art
Bone Marrow Cleansing and Other Chi Kung Arts in
Kungfu and Healing

Legned of Hui Ke Receiving Bodhidharma's Bone Marrow
Does External Training Enhance Internal Training?
Practice Programme for Bone Marrow Cleansing
Building Force, Exploding Force and Training Agility
Aims and Objectives of Bone Marrow Cleansing
Historical Background of Chi Kung Development in our School
Advantages and Disadvantages of Bone Marrow Cleansing over
One-Finger Shooting Zen or Golden Bridge

Bone Marrow Cleansing for Clearing Karmic Blockage
Bone Marrow Cleansing and Eighteen-Lohan Art -- Overview


Chin-Na, Dim Mark and Nei Kung
The Physical, Energy and Mind Levels of Chin-Na
Shaolin Chin-Na and Multiple Fighting
Superior Techniques, Tactics and Strategies in Using Chin-Na
Three Points of Time in Countering Chin-Na Attacks
Chin-Na and Baguazhang
Positions for Separating Tendons, Gripping Energy Points, and
Wronging Joints in Chin-Na

The Three Ultimates of Shaolin Kungfu -- Chin-Na, Dim
Mark and Nei Kung

Remedy of Chin-Na Injury
Similarities and Differences between Chin-Na and Jujitsu

Benefits of Chin-Na in Daily Life
10 Questions on Shaolin Chin-Na -- Overview


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