Dungun, After 50 Years

Grandmaster Wong and Family Main

Addressing Family Members
Sight-Seeing in Austria 2017
Wonderful Benefits of the Shaolin Five-Animal Set
Cameron Highlands, Famous for Tea and Temperate Climate
We Ceblebrate Life
Lovely Trip to Cotswolds in the English Countryside 2016
A Poem for Spiritual Cultivation
A Poem for Spiritual Cultivation in Beautiful Chinese Calligraphy
Return to Dungun after 50 Years
We Have Become Ridiculously Efective in our Training

Attaining the Marvelous in Essence of Shaolin
What are Expected of Particpants Attending the Essence of Shaolin Course
Beautiful Trip from Finale Ligure to Zurich 2016
From Flowing Force to Consolidated Force
General-3: Titles
Memorable Trip from Gutenstein to Finale Ligure
The Unbelievable Intensive Chi Kung Course
The Risks of Practicing Iron-Wire if You Practice Wrongly
Visiting I-City and the Historical City of Malacca June 2017
Travels in Malaysia -- Overview

Meaning of Life
New Year Message from the Grandmaster
Why a Typical Shaolin Wahnam Student Now Only Takes One Month
What I Did in my Students' Days in One Year

Over-Training and How to Deal with It
How to Prevent Over-Training
Preparation is 95% of Success
Chi Kung and Taijiquan
Specialing in Yang Style, Wudang or Flowing Water Floating Clouds
Beautiful People, Beautiful Places
Secrets lof Being Undefeated in Free Sparring