Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear

Course participants practicing the Traveling Dragon Spear

It is incredible but the course participants learned the Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear Set in just one day. There are eight sequences in the set. The video series here record them reviewing the first five sequences that they have just learnt. The remaining three sequences will be shown later.

A picture-series and a video series of the set can be found here and here respectively.

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“Traveling Rolling Water, Rolling Heaven and Shooting Pearl

The class now reviews the patterns learnt so far. After the greeting pattern, “Big Boss Invites Guests”, the class proceeds to “Lohan Flicks Oranges” and “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl”, followed by “Traveling Dragon Rolls Water”, “Green Dragon Rolls Heaven” and again “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl”. This is the first sequence of the set.

“Traveling Shooting Pearl without Circling Spear

After Shooting Pearl, turn around with a reversed shoot, beginning the second sequence of the set. Notice that here the three repetitions of Shooting Pearl are performed without circling the spear. Then turn around again with “Poisonous Snake Basking in Mist”, “Lohan Flicks Oranges” and “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl” to begin the third sequence.

“Traveling The Deadly Technique of Return Horse Spear

This is the third sequence. The patterns here are “Golden Beam Supports Sea”, “Old Dragon Draws Water”, “Lead Horse Return to Camp”, “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl” and the two deadly “Return Horse Spear Technique”.

“Traveling Various Ways to Pierce

The patterns here complete the third sequence of the set, and enable you to pierce tigers in various ways. They are “Bend Body Pierce Tiger”, “Reversed Bending Pierce Tiger”, “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl” and “Close Body Pierce Tiger”.

“Traveling Fierce Tiger, Yellow Dragon and Holding Bow to Shoot Arrows

This is the start of the fourth sequence where the spear is used like a staff. Then the spear is used for thrusting. The patterns are “Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain”, “Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave” and “Hold Bow Shoots Arrow”.

“Traveling Yellow Dragon with Spearhead and with Blunt End

This is a continuation of the fourth sequence. “Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave” is used to chase after an opponent. Here the Yellow Dragon is performed with the spearhead, different from earlier when it was performed with the blunt end of the shaft. The thrust is then performed from the right, the left and the centre.

“Traveling Various Ways of Thrusting with the Spear

This is the completion of the fourth sequence where after thrusting, various ways of shooting with the spear are performed. The patterns are “Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave”, “Shoot Spear Pierce Tiger”, “Single Hand Shoot Spear” and “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl”.

“Traveling Covering the Four Corners

This is the fifth sequence where four corners are covered. The patterns are “Immortal Sweeps Floor”, “Shark Monk Flicks Spear”, “General Waves Flag” and “Separate Grass to Search for Snake”, followed by “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl”.

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Reviewing First Five Sequences of Spear Set from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Review of UK Summer Camp 2007 Weapon Course

Traveling Dragon Spear and its Combat Applications

  1. Introducing the Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear
  2. The Circling and the Thrusting Techniques of the Spear
  3. Using the Spear against the Butterfly Knives and the Big Knife
  4. Spear Counters against the Downward Chop and the Reversed Sweep of a Big Knife
  5. The Spear against the Versatile Three-Sectional Staff
  6. Circling and Shooting against Various Sweeps
  7. Once you have the Skills, learning Techniques become Fast and Easy
  8. Sharing Secrets of the Spear
  9. The Shoot -- the Most Representative and Most Deadly of Spear Techniques
  10. Learning Various Spear Techniques like Circling, Flicking and Lifting
  11. How would you Counter the Downward Chop of a Big Knife?
  12. Using the Spear like a Dagger or a Staff
  13. The Spear Thrust and the Spear Shoot
  14. Reviewing the first Five Sequences of the Set
  15. Outside-Door and Inside-Door Applications
  16. Covering the Four Corners against All Attacks
  17. Remarkable Achievement at the Weapon Course
  18. Making Flowers with the Spear
  19. Various Ways of Making Flowers
  20. Confusing your Opponents with Variations and Changes in Making Flowers
  21. Learning the Spear Set in just Two Days
  22. The Difference between Patterns and Techniques
  23. The Thirteen Techniques of the Traveling Dragon Spear