Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear

There is another way of "making flowers" different from the one in the Traveling Dragon Spear Set

Although “Making Flowers” is an important technique, it is not easy. Moreover, of the many people who practice the spear, not many know that there are different ways to "make flowers". Most of them know only one way, without realizing the great range of possibilities the different ways can enhance their combat efficiency.

Hence, we spend quite some time practicing this important technique. We explore the numerous ways to "make flowers", such as making “open flowers” and “close flowers”, using the left-hand spear or the right-hand spear, crossing hands on the left side or the right side, and moving in different stances. These video series will help the participants review the numerous lessons on "making flowers".

A picture-series and a video series of the set can be found here and here respectively.

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“Traveling Left-Hand Spear and Right-Hand Spear

Do you know the difference between a right-hand spear and a left-hand spear? Not many people notice the difference. Left-hand spear and right-hand spear have certain advantages of their own. The movements in “making flowers” with the right-hand spear in an “open” mode are shown slowly.

“Traveling Great Variety of Ways to Make Flowers

The class learns how to move forward in Bow-Arrow Stance while making flowers in the open mode with a right-hand spear. It is worthy of note that while many spear practitioners may know only one way of making flowers despite having performed the spear for many years, the participants here have learnt a great variety of ways within an hour!

“Traveling Continuing with the Open Mode

Here the participants practice continuing the open mode of making flowers after turning about using a right-hand spear. What difference is there in terms of combat efficiency if you change to a close mode instead of continuing with an open mode?

“Traveling Different Ways of Making Flowers

What is the main difference you notice between making flowers shown here and that in the previous video clip? In both cases a right-hand spear is used. Yes, the difference is obvious, although the uninitiated may not know it. In the previous video clip, making flowers was in a open mode; here it is close.

“Traveling Continuing in the Same Way after Turning Around

The class is making flowers with a right-hand spear in a close mode with cross-over of hands on the right side. The class moves forward in the Bow-Arrow Stance. Here is how to continue in the same way after turning around.

“Traveling Correct Forms and Smooth Flow

The participants are practicing the steps just learnt. They are doing quite well. Bear in mind that they have just learnt the new steps. A good training procedure is first get the forms correct. Practice the forms until they flow smoothly. Gradually increase the speed.

“Traveling Continuing Movement without Pause

There was a mistake some participants made. They stopped the movement, turned around, then continued the movement. The correct way is to continue the movement while turning around, without any pause in the movement.

“Traveling Correct Errors at the Start

The movement should be smooth, regardless of whether you turn after just one repetition or after many repetitions. If we correct our errors at the start, our subsequent practice will bring rapid improvement. A big mistake many students make is that they continue making errors or using inferior movements without realizing them.

“Traveling Three Harmonies and Smooth Flowing

The mechanics of turning around and continuing with the close mode of making flowers using a right-hand spear are shown again. Pay attention to the three external harmonies of feet, body and hands. The movement should be smoothly flowing.

“Traveling Crossing-Hands on Left and Right

Have you noticed that now the class is practicing with a left-hand spear, i.e. holding the spear with the left hand in front? First, cross-hands on the left side. Then cross-hands on the right.

“Traveling Turning Around While Crossing-Hands

Turning round while crossing-hands is shown. The movements are the same — making flowers in close mode with left hand in front.

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Various Way of Making Flowers from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Review of UK Summer Camp 2007 Weapon Course

Traveling Dragon Spear and its Combat Applications

  1. Introducing the Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear
  2. The Circling and the Thrusting Techniques of the Spear
  3. Using the Spear against the Butterfly Knives and the Big Knife
  4. Spear Counters against the Downward Chop and the Reversed Sweep of a Big Knife
  5. The Spear against the Versatile Three-Sectional Staff
  6. Circling and Shooting against Various Sweeps
  7. Once you have the Skills, learning Techniques become Fast and Easy
  8. Sharing Secrets of the Spear
  9. The Shoot -- the Most Representative and Most Deadly of Spear Techniques
  10. Learning Various Spear Techniques like Circling, Flicking and Lifting
  11. How would you Counter the Downward Chop of a Big Knife?
  12. Using the Spear like a Dagger or a Staff
  13. The Spear Thrust and the Spear Shoot
  14. Reviewing the first Five Sequences of the Set
  15. Outside-Door and Inside-Door Applications
  16. Covering the Four Corners against All Attacks
  17. Remarkable Achievement at the Weapon Course
  18. Making Flowers with the Spear
  19. Various Ways of Making Flowers
  20. Confusing your Opponents with Variations and Changes in Making Flowers
  21. Learning the Spear Set in just Two Days
  22. The Difference between Patterns and Techniques
  23. The Thirteen Techniques of the Traveling Dragon Spear