Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear

Grandmaster Wong uses an inside-door sweep against Sifu Anthony's Big Knife

In kungfu circles in the past, combat applications could be classified as “moon-ngoi” (“men wai” in Mandarin) and “moon-noi” (“men nei”), which means “outside-door” or “inside-door”. “Outside-door” applications were meant for public demonstrations outside the doors of the school. “Inside-door” applications were taught only to trusted students who had been accepted inside the school doors.

Ordinary students were taught “outside-door” applications. They were “enlightened” with “inside-door” applications only after they had won the trust of the teachers.

But today, the standard of combat application in kungfu is so low that most practitioners do not even know “outside-door” applications. They only know solo outward kungfu forms. We are so ridiculous — in the good sense — that we even reveal “inside-door” applications publicly in our video series and explanations. One main reason is that we have to do so if we do not want genuine kungfu to be lost within the next two generations. Another reason is that the urgency for keeping the secret is no longer valid as real fighting is rare nowadays.

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“Traveling Outside-Door and Inside-Door Applications

The “outside-door” application and the “inside-door” application of the spear sweep are shown. “Outside-door” applications are for public demonstration or taught to ordinary students. “Inside-door” applications are taught to special students. Can you see the difference from the video clip.

“Traveling Sweeping According to Attacking Momentum

Unlike a metal spear, a flower spear may not be strong enough to block the powerful sweep of a Big Knife. An outside-door response is to sweep or brush the spear against the Big Knife, which may dislodge the spear from the spearman's hands. An inside-door response is to sweep or brush the Big Knife following its attacking momentum. You can flick the attacker's wrist with your spearhead after you have swept or brushed past the heavy weapon.

“Traveling Sweeping or Brushing Away a Light Weapon

If an opponent pierces at your legs with a flower spear, you may sweep it away because the opponent's weapon is light. You may use “Immortal Sweeps Floor” which is sweeping, or “Separate Grass to Search for Snake” which is brushing away the opponent's weapon. It is advisable to sidestep even when you sweep.

“Traveling Advantages of Inside-Door Response

If your opponent's thruting or shooting attack is aimed at your mid or upper body, you can cover using “General Waves Flag” or flick it away using “Shark Monk Flick Spear”. Actually you have moved away from the target of the attack as you cover or flick, which is an inside-door response. If you sweep the attack away head-on without adjusting your footwork, it is an outside-door response. What advantages can you find in the inside-door response?

“Traveling Outside Door Responses in Public Demonstrations

An outside-door response to a downward chop of a Big Knife is to block it as shown at the beginning of the video clip. You often see this type of responses in kungfu movies and public demonstrations. An inside-door response is to cover or flick away the downward chop. What advantages can you find in the inside-door responses?

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Outside-Gate and Inside-Gate Approaches in Combat Application of the Spear from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Review of UK Summer Camp 2007 Weapon Course

Traveling Dragon Spear and its Combat Applications

  1. Introducing the Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear
  2. The Circling and the Thrusting Techniques of the Spear
  3. Using the Spear against the Butterfly Knives and the Big Knife
  4. Spear Counters against the Downward Chop and the Reversed Sweep of a Big Knife
  5. The Spear against the Versatile Three-Sectional Staff
  6. Circling and Shooting against Various Sweeps
  7. Once you have the Skills, learning Techniques become Fast and Easy
  8. Sharing Secrets of the Spear
  9. The Shoot -- the Most Representative and Most Deadly of Spear Techniques
  10. Learning Various Spear Techniques like Circling, Flicking and Lifting
  11. How would you Counter the Downward Chop of a Big Knife?
  12. Using the Spear like a Dagger or a Staff
  13. The Spear Thrust and the Spear Shoot
  14. Reviewing the first Five Sequences of the Set
  15. Outside-Door and Inside-Door Applications
  16. Covering the Four Corners against All Attacks
  17. Remarkable Achievement at the Weapon Course
  18. Making Flowers with the Spear
  19. Various Ways of Making Flowers
  20. Confusing your Opponents with Variations and Changes in Making Flowers
  21. Learning the Spear Set in just Two Days
  22. The Difference between Patterns and Techniques
  23. The Thirteen Techniques of the Traveling Dragon Spear