Quechee Gorge

Me with golden leaves at Quechee Gorge

  1. San Francisco and its Senic Costal Road
  2. Reurning to San Francisco through San Jose and Palo Alto
  3. Sacramento, Clear Lake and Ten Thousand Buddhas
  4. Majestic Cosatal Roads, Magnificient Country Roads and Prosaic Highways
  5. Along the Hudson River in New York State
  6. From New Paltz to Saratoga Springs with Colorful Leaves all the Way
  7. What's this Life if there's No Time to Stand and Stare
  8. From Concord to Montreal along Scenic Routes
  9. The Exquisite Bok Tower Garden in Florida
  10. Fort de Soto Park in Saint PetersburgI
  11. New York and its Interesting Places
  12. Washington DC, the Seat of Government of the United States
  13. The Beautiful Skyline Drive in Virginia, USA
  14. Through Ashville to Atlanta in the Road-Trip
  15. From Atlanta to St Pete
  16. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul
  17. Fish Market, Olympic Sculpture Park, and Columbia Tower of Seattle
  18. Ecola Beach, Japanese Garden and Multnomad Falls of Portland


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