Shaolin Tantui

Grandmaster Wong fells Sifu Anthony onto the ground with a reverse sweep

In Shaolin Kungfu there are many other ways of felling an opponent apart from throwing him. One way is found in Tantui Combat Sequence 4, which often catches an opponent by surprise. How would you counter such a surprised felling attack? And how would you counter the counter? This countering and countering surely makes kungfu application very interesting.

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Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Reverse Sweep
Reserve Sweep

Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Rising Dragon
Rising Dragon

Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Knee Jab
Palm Thrust
Combat Sequence 4

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Felling Opponents Without Throwing Them from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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