Shaolin Tantui

Grandmaster Wong explains that every attack must carry an element of threat

A major weakness in kungfu training is that kungfu practitioners often lack an element of threat in their combat. If you ask a kungfu practitioner to attack you so that you can demonstrate its counter, usually he merely puts out his arm or leg. But if you ask a martial artist of other styles, he will actually attack you.

This lack of an element of threat is also a major reason why many kungfu practitioners are not combat efficient. They are unaccustomed to both attacking fiercely and defending against fierce attacks. Thus, if you wish to be combat efficient, you have to overcome this weakness.

Adding an element of threat does not necessarily mean that we need to be aggressive and injure our sparring partners. Our attacks and counters can be threatening, but we can still be in good control so as not to hurt our sparring partners or even real opponents unless we want to.

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Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Element of Threat
Element of Threat
Element of Threat

Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Roll Elbow
Against Kicks

Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Roll Elbow
Organ Kick
Throw Fist

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