Shaolin Tantui

The rotation of waist facilitates the explosion of force from the dan tian

"Fa-jing" or exploding force is often spoken of but little understood. Some martial artists even argue that it is purely a mechanical action. This statement is obviously wrong, as "jing" in "fa-jing" means internal force. "Fa" means manifest or explode.

But besides the internal force, the mechanics to explode the force is also important. In other words, if you only have internal force but are ignorant of the mechanics to explode it, you would not be successful in "fa-jing".

"Black Tiger Steals Heart" is an excellent pattern to practice "fa-jing". Once you have attained the skill of exploding force, you can apply the skill in any patterns.

The movement starts from the back leg, is controlled by the rotation of the waist which spirals out the internal force from the dan tian, and the force is exploded in the fist. This co-ordination of the legs, body and hands constitutes the three external harmonies. The movement should be elegant, the chi flow should be smooth and the mind focused. This constitutes the three internal harmonies.

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Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Starting from the Back Leg
Controlled by the Waist
Exploding at the Fist

Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Spiraling of the Punch
Force to be Shot Out
Correct Body Movement

Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Class Practice
Exploding Force

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Mechanics of Fa-Jing or Explode Force from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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