Internal Force

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates a common mistake that can lead to knee injuries and energy blockage

The way we perform some of our stances is quite different from that in other schools. Our Horse-Riding Stance, for example, is not too low that the legs form a square or rectangle. Our Horse-Riding Stance maintain s triangle or pyramid shape. This enables cosmic chi to flow to our legs and root us to the ground, as well as to be accumulated at the dan tian.

Our Bow-Arrow Stance is formed with our feet in line, and our toes turned inward at about 45 degrees. The front knee is bent forward (not sideway) but it does not extend beyond our front ankle.

In the Goat Stance we turn both feet inward at angle between 5 to 10 degrees, but we do not grip or turn in our knees on purpose. The knees are slightly turned in due to the position of our toes.

Course participants try out the different postures of the various stances, and find from direct experience that the deviated positions bring harm.

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Shaolin Chin-Na Shaolin Chin-Na Shaolin Chin-Na
Correct Posture
Horse-Riding Stance
Chi Flow

Shaolin Chin-Na Shaolin Chin-Na Shaolin Chin-Na
Deviated Box-Arrow
Deviated Bow-Arrow
Correct Boiw-Arrow

Shaolin Chin-Na Shaolin Chin-Na Shaolin Chin-Na
Deviated Goat Stance
Experiencing the Difference
Square Horse-Riding

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Purposely Experiencing Effects of Deviated Practice from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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