Shaolin Tantui

The class performing Sequence 1 with good form, force and flow

A good strategy to learn and practice a set is the three Fs — Form, Force and Flow. First, get the form correct, paying attention to the three external harmonies of legs, body and hands.

Next, explode force wherever is needed. The force is internal, not mechanical. Muscles must be relaxed when exploding force. You may feel your muscles strong, but this is not because of tension but due to vigorous energy flow.

Then link all the patterns together in one continuous flow where there is no beginning and no ending. The flow should be smooth, and this will lead to speed. If you follow the three Fs, your kungfu movements will be beautiful, fast and forceful, yet you will not be tired nor panting for breath.

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Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Jerky Movement
Smooth Movement
Smooth Flow

Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui Shaolin Tantui
Class Practice
Sequence 1
Smooth Flow

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The Three Fs -- Form, Force and Flow from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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