King's Road Trip, KL Shaolin, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico

The Buddha and the Eight Immortals

The Buddha and the Eight Immortals

King's Road Trip King's Road Trip 2016

From Bergen to Sogne Fjord
From Brekke to Oslo
Frogner Park and Royal Palace in Oslo
Oslo Fort and City Square
Museums and Botanical Garden of Oslo
Three Countries in One Day
From Copenhagen to Stockholm
The Majestic City of Stockholm
Returning to Helsinki
Sea Cruise around Helsinki Sea

From Helsinki to Tallinn
The Beautiful City of Tallinn
Fabulous King's Road Trip 2016 -- Overview
Day 1 to Day 12
Video Shows in the Cold North

Kl Shaolin 2015

Shaolin Sequence against Other Martial Arts
Using Attacks for which there are No Counters in Other Martial Arts


Video Shows in Korea