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Southern Shaolin Temple

Southern Shaolin Temple

Flying Kicks Legends of Southern Shaolin

Kungfu Masters were Courteous even in Deadly Combat
Life-Death Combat on Lei-Tai
Lie-Tai Match between Looi Hoong and Li Foong San
A Capable Challenger for the Tiger
The Deadly Techniques of Yin-Yang Kicks
If it was not Rare, it must be Something Odd
Fong Sai Yuk broke out from his Room
Fong Sai Yuk Killing Tiger Looi
A Lei-Tai Challenge from a Young Woman
Excellent Kungfu in Combat

Duel after Duel, When will this End?
The Invincible Ng Mui
The Notorious Kei Fong Chai, or Cloth-Making Workers
A Heroic Deed
The Lane of Wooden Men
At West Zen Temple at Guangzhou
Shaolin Staff against Cloth-Making Workers
The Warrior Ngow Fa Kow of Wudang Kungfu
Words to Beguile a Rough Warrior

Lei-Tai to Settle Grudges
Lei-Tai for Wu Wei Thien and Ngow Fa Kow
Wu Wei Thien used a Combat Sequence from Flower Set
Different Reaons from Different Masters
The Marvelous Flower Set
Chee Seen Accepting Li Chooi Peng as a Shaolin Disciple
Secrets Hidden in the Open
The Finger Force of Eagle Claw
The Training Methods and Philosophy of Eagle Claw Chin-Na
A Shaolin Nun in a Country-Side

Application of Eagle Claw Kungfu
Lion Dance on New Year Day
Hidden Sorrow of a Wealthy Woman
Using Eaglw Claw to Kill a Cruel Robber
The Disciple Luk Ah Choy
Luk Ah Choy met Li Chooi Peng
Luk Ah Choy learned Shaolin Kungfu from Chee Seen
The Advanced Teaching of the Venerable Chee Seen
Graduating from the Lane of Wooden Men and Meeting a Secret Weapon Master
Secret WEapons in Kungfu

The Buddha Moved by Filial Piety
Striking down a Local Chieftain
Five-Animal Set of Shaolin
Distracting with the Hands and Kicking with the Leg
Southern Fists Northern Kicks
To be Wise, Compassionate, Courageous and Trustworthy
Dim Mark, or Dotting Energy Points
Accepting a Gift with Laughter
A Little Gift for Sung Chan
I've Decided to Go to Guangzhou

The Birch Trees outside West Zen Temple
Hoong Hei Khoon and the Triple Stretch Set
Legends of Southern Shaolin -- Overview


Lei-Tai Combat, or Stage for Deadly Kungfu Combat

Qigong as Taught by Great Masters

Overview of Qigong Training
Basic Knowledge of Qigong
History of Qigong
The Marvels of Qigong
The Fundamentals of Qigong Training
A Few Questions for Consideration in Qigong Training
Explanation of Jing, Qi and Shen, or Form, Energy and Spirit
Qigong and the Philosophy of Yin-Yang and Five Elemental Processes
Techniques of Qigong for Healing
Mobile Qigong Techniques

Commonly Used Quiescent Qigong Techniques
Effects of Qigong Healing
Deviations during Qigong Training and their Correction
Functions and Special Featurres of Five-Animal Play
80 Words of Qigong Mastr and Doctor Yan Xin
Taijiquan and Qigong
Introduction to Shaolin Qigong
The Marvellous Art of Baguazhang
Xingyiquan and Energy
Shaolin, Wudang and Internal Art Training

Taoist Training Methods in Ancient China
Four Zen and Eight Stages of Silent Sitting
Qigong as Taught by Great Masters -- Overview

Courses and Classes