Shaolin Kungfu

An effective technique is to deflect a Boxer's attack with one hand and counter-strike him with the other

As a Boxer's techniques are limited, it is technically easy to handle him. His main techniques are jabs, crosses, hooks and undercuts.

Our main tactics are to brush away his attacks, close him so that it is difficult for him to continue attacking, and strike him. When he tries to escape by bouncing away, we chase after him. Take note that we do not retreat. Retreating would give a Boxer initiative and advantages. You must remember that it is not enough just to know the techniques and tactics; you must also have the skills to carry out the techniques and tactics successfully.

So far, we have focused on jabs, crosses and hooks. Undercuts will be dealt with later. Please also take note that there are many other tactics to handle a Boxer competently, like kicking and felling him. We shall leave these other tactics to later lessons. Even the present tactics explained so far are sufficient to handle a Boxer competently.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Counter-Strike as Soon as Boxer Jabs

The Boxer is posed by Donovan. As soon as Donovan jabs, the Shaolin exponent effectively counter-strikes his throat or ribs. Of course, this calls for great skills. If the Boxer's initial jabs are close, one first sinks his body to avoid the attacks before counter-striking.

Shaolin Kung Fu In-Gate or Out-Gate Deflect

The Shaolin exponent deflects and counter-strikes at the same time. In deflecting, he may use the “in-gate” or the “out-gate”. If the Boxer jabs with his right hand and he uses his left hand to deflect it to his left side, it is an “in-gate” deflect. If he uses his right hand to deflect the attack to his right side, it is an “out-gate” deflect.

Shaolin Kung Fu Technical Speed by using Effective Body-Work

A good Boxer may sink back to avoid the strike and then lean forward to counter-strike. As he sinks back, you can follow up to close him and strike him. A Boxer may be fast, but we can overcome his actual speed with technical speed by using effective body-work.

Shaolin Kung Fu Various Methods to Deflect or Intercept

This video shows the Shaolin exponent using various methods to deflect or intercept a Boxer's attack, then closing the Boxer and striking him. The poor Boxer is quite helpless. The Shaolin exponent strikes him no matter how he moves!

Shaolin Kung Fu Handling a Boxer Competently

Handling a Boxer is relatively simple because Boxing techniques are simple. This does not mean it is easy because a Boxer is fast. But if you know the techniques and tactics, and develop the skills, you should be able to handle a Boxer competently.

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Understanding and Implementing Techniques, Tactics and Skills against Boxers from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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Basic Shaolin Kungfu against Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Muay Tahi and Wrestling

  1. From Shaolin to Instinctive Fighting to Boxing
  2. Basic Counters against a Boxer's Jabs
  3. Chasing after a Boxer's Retreat
  4. One-Step, Two-Step or Multiple-Step Chase
  5. Practicing on your Own, then Testing it on your Partner
  6. Counters against a Boxer's Left Jabs
  7. Handling Unexpected Attacks Correctly and Spontaneously
  8. Progressing to Realistic Sparring with a Boxer
  9. Employing Appropriate Tactics to Defeat a Boxer
  10. Sticking to a Boxer as he Tries to Bounce Away
  1. Advantages of the Bow-Arrow Stance over a Boxer's Footwork
  2. Practicing Numerous Tactics against Boxers
  3. Handling a Boxer Competently despite his Speed and Size
  4. Understanding and Implementing Techniques, Tactics and Skills against Boxers
  5. Countering the Left-Left-Right of Boxers
  6. Kick a Boxer Whenever he Uses his Right Hand
  7. Various Tactics to Handle a Boxer
  8. Attacking a Boxer with a Planned Sequence
  9. Felling an Opponent as he Attacks with an Undercut
  10. Various Ways to Fell an Opponent
  1. Knee Strikes and their Counters
  2. From Simple Techniques to Sophisticated Patterns
  3. Why are many Kungfu Practitioners Unable to Counter Muay Thai or Kick-Boxing Attacks?
  4. Superiority of Kungfu Stances, Footwork and Techniques
  5. Counters against Muay Thai and Kick-Boxing Attacks
  6. Effective Tactics and Techniques against Continuous Attacks Mixed with Feint Moves
  7. How do you Counter Continous Kicks?
  8. Exploiting the Innate Weaknesses of Kicks to Counter Them
  9. Throwing an Opponent as he Kicks
  10. Striking the Attacker as he Attempts a Shoot
  11. Countering the Shoot when an Attacker has Grabbed you or Pushed you onto the Ground